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Here’s Why Cats Close Their Eyes When You Pet Them

Why do cats close their eyes when petted?

Oh, that feels good!

As you know, cats don’t naturally trust. While it’s true that some cats are naturally less guarded than others, many cats take time to feel comfortable around someone they don’t know. When cats trust you, they don’t feel the need to be on high alert. And for them, closing their eyes when you pet them is the ultimate sign of confidence. If you watch carefully, you’ll probably notice that your feline friend is also blinking slowly – it’s his way of giving you a cat kiss!

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I like you.

Cats are capricious beings who are very demanding of the people they choose to be with. Unlike canines, cats don’t seek praise and don’t need to be told they’re a good boy or doing a good job. The fact that a cat chooses you as the person they would like to be friends with says a lot about your personality. Cats are great at sensing people’s energy. When a cat chooses to let you pet it, you’ve mastered the hardest part. When you first pet a cat, they will usually watch you as you do so. And we all know there are places where felines prefer not to be petted.

Cats tend to prefer petting on the head and around the neck. You wonder why ? Simply because they can see your hands easily and can rely on their catlike reflexes in case your hands move to a place they didn’t choose.

When you stroke your cat and see his eyes close, have you ever noticed that it also rubs against your hand?

It’s their way of “claiming” you as theirs. Your cat has feline facial pheromones that it uses to mark its territory with its cheeks, as well as on the top of its head (which is why it likes to nudge you with its forehead too). So basically you are their territory now too.

Does your cat close its eyes when you pet it? It means they love and trust you. And if you feel happy with them, reciprocate so you can both speak the same language.

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