Here’s why you have to drink 2 cups of coffee a day to have a preventive effect on certain diseases!

A good dose of coffee can positively improve our state of health. Read our article for expert advice on this drink.

Drinking coffee is essential for some of us. Especially when we want energy to start the day. And the good news, it would be beneficial for health.

However, there are good habits to respect otherwise it would be harmful to our well-being. In this article, we will reveal to you what this drink can offer us by drinking it in moderation.

Caffeine: the component of coffee

Some people think that caffeine is dangerous for health. However, it is included in tea, chocolate or kola nuts. But it is coffee that has the greatest amount of it compared to other foods or other drinks. Other than that, some drugs have been found to be made from caffeine. Like what, the latter can cure and treat certain ailments.

So, banish this bad thought about caffeine. But you have to limit your consumption to be healthy. According to experts, coffee helps to improve the feeling of well-being. This is why caffeine is added to certain medications to ensure the health status of a patient.

Apart from that, caffeine increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood. That said, coffee consumption can have a preventive effect on certain diseases. And among them, there is Parkinson’s disease. Also, a cup of this drink a day can avoid the incidence of gout and liver disease. Particularly, cirrhosis.

Finally, note that caffeine acts directly on neurotransmitters. This increases our attention, vigilance and concentration. This is why we are addicted to coffee since it effectively fights against drowsiness and drowsiness. In fact, drinking this beverage in moderation has been shown to improve gradually our cognitive functions. Among them, the memorization of information.

Studies carried out by researchers

Now we are going to reveal to you the studies that have been done on 170,000 individuals. This test aims to prove that the moderate consumption of coffee proves to be beneficial for health. To be more precise, this good habit guarantees longevity for practitioners. These studies were done on healthy Britons in their fifties. And the process took 7 years.

The subjects were divided into three groups. This distribution consists in carefully studying each case in order to have representative results at the end of the tests. Thus, the first group consists of people who took coffee with sugar. Then the second is the one who drinks it without sugar. Finally, the last brought together non-drinkers.

Throughout the test, participants were accompanied by experts to see their health status over time. After 7 years, the researchers revealed the results of the analyses. These revealed that consumption between 2 to 4 cups of coffee (sweetened or not) per day is not a health risk. On the contrary, the risk of dying prematurely would be even lower for drinkers.

To be more specific, sugar-free coffee drinkers have up to 29% less risk compared to non-drinkers. While drinkers of this drink by adding sugar could reach up to less than 31% risk. But it’s important to note that many details are yet to be determined. We can cite the type of drink consumed or the addition of milk or not.

Good news for coffee drinkers

The studies carried out together with the component of coffee can conclude that this drink should be consumed daily. But one thing is certain, we must not not exceed 4 cups per day to avoid complications to the body. Moreover, experts confirm that this drink is ‘the most consumed in the world: “If you exceed 5 cups a day, it becomes dangerous”.

However, it is necessary respect this dosage and only add a teaspoon of sugar when you drink it. Avoid taking the coffee from the big chains since they contain a lot of sugar. Know that the latter does not bring anything good to health. It only makes our meal or our drink taste better.

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