Here’s why you should NEVER have your dog lick your face, it’s dangerous

If we adopt house dogs, in general, it is because they are nice. They are soft, loving, cuddly, they make us feel loved and important. But now, it seems that their kisses are not not good for our faces. Yet it happens very (too) frequently.

The dog and the man

Dogs have always been considered man’s best friend. Their strong and sincere love for their masters is the dream of many people who do not like loneliness. They are the perfect environment for a person who does not want to be alone but also does not want to be with fellow humans.

The dog is therefore the pet par excellence. Of all sizes, ages, character, each is unique and therefore everyone can find their best friend. But now, their proofs of love may be terribly cute, but they can be dangerous! Although it is a sign of affection, it is better to pay attention to it and remain vigilant.

A dangerous kiss

Source: Pexel

Deep down inside, we are well aware that the language of dogs is not very clean. We see them all day long licking each other in unlikely places. This ability also creates many jealous. You only have to smell their breath to realize the lack of cleanliness of their muzzle. But this is not to be taken lightly. Their saliva can have many germs or diseases.

Indeed, our four-legged friends tend to put their noses everywhere, really everywhere. And that is not healthy for us. But beyond a lack of hygiene, the saliva of the latter has already caused serious damage for humans, which can even lead to the death of their masters. It is therefore necessary to watch when your dog licks you. Preferably, you should wash the affected area and especially wash your hands after caressing them.

The deadly consequences of dog saliva

The consequences that there have already been because of their saliva are not to be taken lightly. It ruined the lives of some and ended others. It was in the United States that an incident occurred. A young dog master, happy with the latter, received one too many kisses. In his dog’s saliva were many bacteria, germs and diseases. The master was therefore in direct contact with them. As a result, the young man contracted tuberculosis from his dog.

Another, similar case is that of a 48-year-old man. He had to have his four limbs amputated after a poisoned kiss. Indeed, once again, in the dog’s saliva there were bacteria that were very harmful to humans. This bacterium is calledcapnocytophaga canimorus. It comes from the gingival flora of both dogs and cats.

For our country, there are already four people who have died since 2017 as a result of a dog kiss. The germ spread directly into the masters’ skin and thus killed them. All because of a bacteria that dogs have and don’t know about. Although these are only isolated cases, it is better to be wary of it. Either by stopping having your face licked, or by washing directly afterwards. This is obviously not a reason to give them less love!

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