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Here’s why you shouldn’t cuddle your cat, according to experts

Cuddling your cat seems like the most normal thing to do, but we, humans are so self-centered that we don’t realize that felines have a very different way of showing affection.

They cannot be compared with dogs, because they are totally different species, and therefore have a wild past that has not evolved in the same way.

Why is cuddling your cat so painful?

It’s not that cats are uncomfortable when you hug them, but that they run away. This is where we need to stop and reflect. If a cat was uncomfortable, it might meow to get our attention and let us know it’s something it doesn’t like, like when you startle your cat by petting it and he meows as if to say: ” I did not see you “.

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When we hug a cathe doesn’t feel awkward, he feels overwhelmed, and that’s where we have to start understanding that cats don’t have the ability to reason about where they are.

What does that have to do with where they are?

Felines do not share our way of communicating. Cuddling your cat isn’t a bad thing, but he may not understand the motivation. For them, it’s just a way of catching them and it makes them nervous. That’s why we always say that to give a cat a good hug, you have to give it a lot of freedom.

To do this, you have to cuddle him so that he has loopholes to move or even jump. Location is essential, as cats do not have the ability to know that the environment they are in is a safe place.

They don’t have the capacity to know that a house is designed in such a way that only known people can live there and that there is no place for any threat. Of course, that’s only natural for us, because we’ve been building houses for millennia and we know exactly what they’re for, but cats don’t.

So do cats feel threatened at home?

Cats have a personality that makes them very cautious and always alert. That’s why when they sleep, we can see that their senses are always active, in case something unexpected happens.

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Cats feel protected by our presence and that is why they sometimes prefer to sleep near us. Cats feel relatively relaxed home for two reasons:

  • They explored the whole house to know every corner of it in order to know exactly how to hide or how to survive in case of threat.
  • We are in the house and we are a protective figure for them, so as soon as we are in the house they feel a lot safer.

What does all this have to do with cuddling your cat?

It has everything to do with it. Cuddling your cat comes naturally to you, but he feels caged and believes that if threatened he won’t be able to escape and that’s why he feels nervous.

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It’s not that they don’t want your affection, but that they do not feel safe in this position. That’s why if you hug them so that their lower legs are on your arm or hand and their front legs are on your shoulders, they’ll feel much more secure because they’ll be able to jump easily.

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