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Here’s why you shouldn’t feed these 3 foods to your cat!

If our cats are generally curious, gluttonous and greedy by nature, they are not particularly spoiled with food due to their rather sensitive organism. And yet, when we see us eating or cooking, our little furry companions never miss an opportunity to steal from our plate or meow and plead with us to give them a little bit of what we are eating or preparing. By giving in to their demands, we expose them to serious risks of intoxication or illness.

The fact is that some foods are not good for them and can even pose a real danger to their health. Are you a big consumer of dairy products, chocolate or avocados and have recently decided to adopt a cat? Discover without further delay in this article the reasons whyYou must not give these 3 foods to your cat.

Dairy products

danger consumption dairy product cat

Cats love dairy products. But if our feline friends love to lap up the milk we put in their bowl to enjoy the cheeses, creams, yogurts and others that we give them, this diet is not really good for them. The lactose in these foods makes it very difficult for our little friends to digest them. Since it does not have the necessary enzymes to transform it, their organism does not tolerate this component.

Of course, kittens at a young age are perfectly capable of digesting their mother’s milk (and cow’s milk). This is especially so when growing up from the beginning of their weaning period, that they no longer produce enough lactase, so they become lactose intolerant. In adult cats, consuming dairy products, in large quantities or in small doses at regular intervals, can cause serious digestive problems (bloating, diarrhea, vomiting and others).


cat danger consumption of chocolate

Due to its high content of theobromine, chocolate is very toxic to our cats. This organic component of natural origin (in high concentrations in cocoa) is particularly harmful to our furry friends, as it can cause them serious health problems. Consumed in large amounts (or in small amounts regularly and repeatedly), chocolate can have serious effects on felines.

Passing through the animal’s blood, theobromine will cause a variety of disorders including vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, muscle tremors and convulsions, and arrhythmia. Poisoning without prompt treatment can be fatal. Besides chocolate, all foods containing cocoa (cakes, ice cream, etc.) should be avoided because, as you have probably understood, they are very dangerous for your cat.

the lawyer

danger consumption avocado cat

While avocados are an excellent food for us humans due to their exceptional nutritional properties, these fruits are not good for our little furry friends. The fact isthey contain too much persin. This natural substance is harmful to our felines and can even seriously poison them if consumed in large quantities.

Intoxication can initially be manifested by shortness of breath and edema. In the event that the disorder has directly or severely damaged the animal’s heart system, other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy may occur.

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