Here’s why you shouldn’t walk your dog every day, according to a behavioral trainer

Do you walk your dog daily for his well-being? According to Niki French, behavioral educator, this habit is not the best.

Niki French is the author of the bookSTOP walking your dog”, and the creator of the national day “Don’t walk your dog”. Contrary to these very provocative titles, Niki is not against walks, but she suggests that it may be good to replace some of them with other activities. Explanations in this article.

In the collective spirit, the daily walk is essential to the happiness of the dogs

Come rain, wind or snow, maybe you muster up your courage, put on your coat and gloves, and head out for your dog’s daily walk. 30 minutes minimum is what is often recommended. However, not everyone agrees. Niki Frencha behavioral educator, considers it a “old and outdated practice”, as reported Chronicle Live.

“Not all dogs thrive on daily walks”

According Niki, daily walks are not suitable for all dogs. First, dogs with behavioral problems may become even more reactive due to stress.

The educator herself has a shelter dog who is “noticeably quieter” with fewer walks and more enrichment games.

Niki advocates replacing certain walks with indoor games, which will stimulate the dog in a different way. These games can consist of digging sandboxes, playing with cardboard boxes, using search mats, or even playing hide and seek, for example.

According Nikido not hesitate to cancel a walk when the conditions are bad: unvaccinated puppy, sick dog, extreme temperatures… In this case, she obviously suggests replacing it with a time despite everything devoted to the dog, to help him exercise, and develop certain skills.

It’s good to have other things in your toolbox. This applies to all dogs and surprisingly may work best for breeds that need a lot of exercise.“, she explained.

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