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his donors pay more than a million dollars to pay his lawyers

Buried under the lawsuits, Donald Trump received significant financial aid from his supporters to face American justice. New lawsuits, this time for tax evasion, have just been announced by the New York State Attorney General.

Lawsuits against Donald Trump continue to multiply in the United States. After the search carried out by the FBI in his Mar-a-Lago property to recover the classified archives of the presidency, a criminal investigation opened in New York for tax evasion has further reinforced the legal pressure against the former president, now prosecuted in civilian with several of his children. Donald Trump is accused of inflating the equity in his real estate properties to obtain loans on more favorable terms or pay less taxes. Donald Trump is also the subject of several investigations that relate to his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election lost to Joe Biden, or to his role in the violent assault by his supporters on the Capitol on January 6. 2021.

All these procedures have a cost, and the billionaire has seen his legal fees amount to millions of dollars in recent months. According to information from the BBC, the former president could however count on the generous support of his supporters, who have put their hands in their pockets to help their champion get out of his legal troubles. Paying attorneys’ fees through private donations is not prohibited in the United States.

Thus the Political Action Committee (PAC) Save America, which collects donations from supporters of Donald Trump across the country, has already donated $ 1.12 million directly to law firms hired by Trump on the tax evasion case for which he is being prosecuted in New York – these donations represent only the amount paid this year. According to the BBC, this amount is the one reported by Trump to the Federal Election Commission. Most of the amount of the sum ($942,000) would have been paid to New Jersey lawyer Alina Habba, a former spokeswoman for Trump.

For other cases, Donald Trump would have already spent more than 3.8 million dollars just to defend himself in the file of the classified archives found by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago.

In the past, the Republican Party has also helped pay some of Trump’s legal bills, including some related to the New York attorney general’s investigation of the tax evasion case. At the end of August, however, Politico reported that the party would not pay legal fees related to the search for Mar-a-Lago, and would stop paying legal fees altogether if Trump officially announced his intention to run for president in 2024.


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