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his lawyer denounces “false allegations” by the judge

It is a trial that promises to be explosive. On Saturday, Dominique Boutonnat’s lawyer, president of the National Cinema Center (CNC), condemned “the false allegations” contained in the order referring his client to a trial for sexual assault.

Dominique Boutonnat is 52 years old and is accused by his 21-year-old godson of sexual assault during a stay in Greece in 2020. From the beginning, the president of the CNC has mentioned “consensual kisses”, “love gestures that he stopped when he felt from his the side of the godson, that this gesture could have degenerated into something else,” says his lawyer Emmanuel Marsigny. The latter objects to “this regulation, which is based on false allegations by the magistrate”. “The order gives Mr. Boutonnat remarks that he never made , and who even said the opposite,” Me Marsigny insists.

According to elements of his prescription, a psychological examination by the godson showed the “traumatic consequences” of that night on August 3, 2020 and revealed no “tendency to hide reality”.

Naked or in underwear?

To the judge, Dominique Boutonnat acknowledged “physical contact with his godson” but disputed “both the extent and the sexual connotation”. It also emphasizes the “ascension” exercised by the godfather over his godson, the latter considering him “like a second father”. And the president of the CNC does not dispute “in any way the kisses given to his godson or the fact that he lay naked in the bed of his godson, about whom he knew the inexperience in sexual matters and the latter’s homosexual orientation”. according to the order.

An analysis that Me Marsigny strongly disputes: his client has never admitted to lying naked in his godson’s bed, he says. During his confrontation with his godson in March 2022, he said he was “in his underwear,” according to the defense. “The fact of writing that he would have admitted to being naked when he never said so is serious and aims to give credibility to the accusation of my client’s sexual desires”, affirms Me Marsigny.

In February 2021, Dominique Boutonnat was charged with attempted rape and sexual assault. On Wednesday, the investigating judge ordered him to appear for sexual assault, without maintaining the charge of attempted rape.

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