his lawyer fears that he will be “brutalized” in prison – La Nouvelle Tribune - THECHOWANIECS.COM

his lawyer fears that he will be “brutalized” in prison – La Nouvelle Tribune

A few days ago we report the sentencing of theactor Ryan Grantham. The actor found guilty of murdering his mother was sentenced to life in prison. After his conviction, his lawyer gave voice. Is the American media TMZ that the legal practitioner who represents the interests of the young Canadian actor of 24 years spoke recently according to an article published on the site of the media. Chris Johnsonthe actor’s lawyer says he fears his client is “brutalised” in prison if he has to serve his sentence in a maximum security centre. This is what we must remember from his confidences in the media.

Chris Johnson fears for the life of his client, theRyan Grantham actor. Recently theRyan Grantham actor was sentenced to life imprisonment by a court. He was found guilty of murdering his mother but also according to several sources as we previously reported he was also planning to murder the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His lawyer Chris Johnson expressed fears for his client who in his words is “puny” and does not have an appearance that could deter inmates from intimidating him, reports the media TMZ.

According to the American media TMZ, Chris Johnson fears that his client, theRyan Grantham actoreither “physically, psychologically and sexually intimidated” in the event that he will have to serve his life sentence in a maximum security penitentiary. According to the legal practitioner theRyan Grantham actor shouldn’t be there and it’s not just because physically he looks vulnerable but rather because the punishment given to the actor is out of proportion to the heinous act committed by the actor in those particular circumstances reports TMZ.

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