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his lawyer judges that “the last chance documents are in the hands of the minister”

During a hearing before the administrative court this Friday afternoon, Me Philippe Royan asked to have access to the documents of the legal proceedings which were carried out in France.

These are the “last chance pieces” for Sébastien Raoult, in the words of his lawyer. Me Philippe Ohayon, who defends this French student accused by the United States of cybercrime and imprisoned in Morocco since June, pleaded this Friday afternoon before the administrative court.

Objective of this hearing: to request access to the documents of the French procedure in order to prove that the facts for which Sébastien Raoult was arrested occurred in France, while Morocco claims that they took place in the United States.

“These documents are the last resort available to Sébastien Ohayon against Morocco,” said the lawyer to BFMTV.com.

Legal mess

Questioned several times on this subject, Eric Dupond-Moretti replied that the French government had no control over the file of Sébastien Ohayon, the latter having been arrested in Morocco.

For his part, Me Philippe Ohayon accuses the Keeper of the Seals of rejecting the responsibility for the file on the United States by saying that he cannot show him the documents.

“Perhaps the government is afraid to show that Sébastien Ohayon was really sacrificed…”, he says, adding that “five other potential culprits were in France”.

An answer expected on Tuesday or Wednesday

The student council reports a “legal blind spot”, while France and the United States pass the buck as to who is authorized to authorize access to the file: “French sovereignty does not is not respected.”

According to him, the response of the administrative court should fall on Tuesday or Wednesday. On August 8, Morocco declared itself in favor of the extradition of Sébastien Ohayon to the United States. If the student, suspected by the FBI of having hacked the sites of large American companies, is judged across the Atlantic, he faces up to 116 years in prison.

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