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his lawyers speak

As Young Thug was arrested at his home by the FBI overnight on suspicion of turning his label YSL into a gang he led, his lead attorney spoke up.

Young Thug was undoubtedly very surprised to see the police device that had been reserved for him. This Monday, the rapper was apprehended at his home in the suburbs of Atlanta by members of the FBI who were leading a very large operation. In addition to Thugga, Gunna but also 26 other members of the YSL label have been arrested in recent hours, accused of having participated in the criminal activities of the structure founded by a Young Thug who, in addition to the artistic side, directed several of his men in the street claiming affiliation with the Bloods. Among the 56 charges, we find in particular murder or attempted murder, racketeering, corruption or various drug trafficking, while the 30-year-old rapper would have him, in addition to having supervised these activities, repeatedly ordered his men to attempt to kill one of his rivals, YFN Lucci. His name would also appear on a rental contract for a car used to commit a murder several years ago.

Young Thug & Gunna
Young Thug & Gunna

Young Thug and Gunna arrested, vast dragnet within the YSL label

His lawyer intends to fight until his “last drop of blood”

While his client should appear for a first hearing on Tuesday, at the end of which he will know the various charges against him, Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, quickly spoke. The latter obviously defends his client, saying that he was innocent and that he would do everything possible to quickly get him out of prison: “I’ll give you my answer to all these accusations: Mr. Williams has committed no crime or anything, and we’re going to fight to the last drop of blood to clear him.”. A speech that is absolutely not surprising on his part, but which may nevertheless be surprising since, in view of the operation set up by the police, we can legitimately expect that the case against Young Thug and his acolytes be particularly charged.

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