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his mom’s reaction to TikTok is funny (video)


Elise Petter

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It’s no secret that children love animals and can be very impulsive in their decisions.

This is the case with Breanna’s daughter who is a huge animal lover and wanted to bring one home!

Where is this cat from?

It was on her TikTok account that Breanna (@breannalarson4) shared a short video where she discovered her daughter with a tabby cat in her arms. The little girl seems particularly happy with her find, which she decided to take home as if everything was perfectly normal.

Obviously, Breanna was surprised. She then asks the little girl where this cat comes from and she replies that he comes from outside! Breanna then asks him to bring the cat back where it came from.

A fun and adorable scene that shows how much this little girl loves animals. But what’s even funnier is the caption the mother states “If you’ve lost your cat, my child probably has it”.

The story doesn’t say what happened next, but it’s a safe bet that the cat found its family after this cute little escape.

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We encourage Wamiz readers to always be careful when letting a pet play with a child. Although they are very cute, pets can sometimes feel uncomfortable when playing with a child, and children do not always notice this. Prevention is better than cure, always supervise the interaction between a child and an animal and never leave your child alone in the presence of an animal.

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