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his rights violated, his lawyer demands his immediate release

The conditions look special…

Bad times for Gangsta Rappers in the USA, especially those in Atlanta right now. Judges and prosecutors have wielded the RICO Act to directly attack labels and structures they believe to be involved in organized crime, including racketeering and corruption. Right now, it’s YSL Yung Thug and Gunna’s label, which is the target of dozens of lawsuits and charges. Thugger and his great pal are also in detention as we speak to you, and it could last a while.

Well, that’s what we thought, since they were initially refused bail. But Young Thug’s lawyer yesterday returned to the chargein requesting that a bond be set for the release of his client, pending trial. According to this lawyer, Young Thug’s rights are currently being violated in prison and the rapper is held in conditions reminiscent of medieval dungeons.

Indeed, still according to the lawyer, the rapper would be in total isolation for more than 24 hours, in a cement cell without any windows, with a bed and a toilet. Worse, there would be in his cell alight impossible to turn offwhich would therefore prevent Young Thug from sleeping (this is a recognized method of torture…), and the food would be inedible. He also did access to any source of information or media or shaving products.

We don’t know if all this will be enough for the judge to grant the rapper bail (which will certainly be very high). But in any case it brings to light how inmates may be treated in some unscrupulous penitentiary institutions. Even if for once, the disgusting food, that’s in all the jails…


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