Holiday vouchers: plane tickets, cinema, restaurant… these seven things you can pay with

If you benefit from holiday vouchers, here is how you can use them.

If you are going on a trip soon, they will undoubtedly be very useful to you. Holiday vouchers allow you to pay for your holiday and leisure expenses at a lower cost. Thanks to their employer as well as to the CAF, since 1982, several million French people have benefited from it. It remains to be seen where and how to spend them.

The train

Before, to pay with holiday vouchers, you had to go to the station. It’s still the case but now it’s possible to pay with holiday vouchers on the SNCF website and application if you have the materialized version of this payment method.

The restaurants

In addition to restaurant tickets, holiday vouchers are also accepted in various restaurants. To find out if a restaurant authorizes holiday vouchers, you must ensure that the “Chèques-Vacances” sticker is on the storefront or the front door of the establishment. The list of partner restaurants is available on the ANCV website.

The plane tickets

Some airlines (Air France or KLM in particular) and travel agencies (Thomas Cook for example) accept these famous checks, others do not, the list here.


Many accommodation chains (Pierre et Vacances, Center Parcs, etc.) accept holiday vouchers. On the Airbnb side, it is rarer. Better to ask the question before booking.

Sports leisure

Many sporting activities can be paid for with holiday vouchers such as mountain bike rental, water sports or tree climbing. Some amusement parks also accept this method of payment.

Cinema and other cultural outings

Many museums but also cinemas (UGC and Gaumont-Pathé in particular) accept holiday vouchers (even outside holidays). Same thing for some concerts and festivals.

Summer camps

Most travel agencies accept holiday vouchers to pay for all or part of your holiday. For example, if you want to send your children to summer camp, whether in France or abroad, it is also possible to pay the costs with this means of payment. CNews.

In summary, the field of possibilities is wide and allows you to serenely apprehend your holidays!

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