Home delivery dog ​​had his shopping cart stolen, people are outraged

Eros, a chocolate Labrador, is tasked with delivering orders to customers in Medellín, Colombia with a shopping cart. Unfortunately, he was assaulted while doing his fine job. Through social media and news reports, Eros has become a celebrity in many parts of the world for his work.

Eros did this job long before the pandemic, and today Eros plays a very important role in delivering its neighbors so they don’t have to leave their homes. Eros is eight years old, but despite his gray hair, the chocolate Labrador has discovered that he loves delivering houses.


The home delivery dog ​​had his shopping cart stolen

The dog lives with his family in the Robledo Tulipanes neighborhood, they own a grocery store in the neighborhood and Eros is undoubtedly their star employee. His mission is to deliver orders to customers in the area, and although he sometimes gets distracted along the way, he always manages to get his job done.

Mauricio Lopez, owner of Eros, told Noticias Caracol:

“Sometimes if he sees puppies around, he gets distracted and always has to do the technical stop to pee, but he continues on his way to his destination. »


Eros transports customer orders in a shopping cart, and while it may seem implausible, they always arrive intact. Yes, all orders always arrive safe and sound; he never damages or eats anything, and his greatest reward is a pat on the head.

However, despite his celebrity in the region, Eros was unfortunately the victim of an attack. Indeed, a stranger stole his basket. The theft happened at night, when Eros was on his way to deliver a house. A person approached him and took the basket containing a box of cigarettes.


Mauricio explains as follows:

“He was accompanying my mother to deliver an order, she turned around for some reason and he was behind. The basket contained a carton of cigarettes. The thief took the loot and left the basket behind. »

Luckily, the thief didn’t hurt Eros, as he just snatched the basket and fled the place so as not to be seen. This news sparked outrage among people who live in the neighborhood and also on social media, because Eros only takes care of his neighbors.


It is still not understood how a person can do such a thing to the friendly labrador, which only carries orders to the door of the house of its customers. Several people commented on social media about their reactions and what they thought after hearing the sad news.

However, the most important thing for his family is that Eros is very healthy.

Mauricio clarifies as follows:

“Thank God they didn’t do anything to him. »

Since his misadventure, Eros has continued his fine work of home visits throughout the neighborhood. Although the incident that Eros suffered is very sad, everyone can be assured that Labrador will continue to carry out the orders.

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