How do cats choose their favorite human?

Do you have the impression that your cat prefers your sister, your roommate or your spouse? It may be true! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. In fact, a 2019 study showed that domestic cats show an attachment to their humans similar to that shown by dogs. They even exhibit signals that resemble a baby’s attachment to its parents!

But where do the differences in attachment in cats come from?

First of all the character of the cat, as in humans. Some will create stronger bonds with a particular person, others will have similar behaviors with all the people in the house. It can also be linked to the person the cat spent the most time with when he was a kitten, who becomes a reassuring person for him. Trauma can also play a role. If you adopt a cat that has been abused in its previous habitat, and you remind it in some way of the individual who caused the abuse, it may take longer for it to be calmed down. your presence.

A cat can also become frightened in the absence of trauma, for example if you often force him to cuddle when he doesn’t want to. Finally, if you give your cat attention, he may notice it, and come back to you more.

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