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How do you attract a cat to your litter box?

The sofa, the bed and even the carpet in the living room… cats spare nothing when they want to relax. Hence the need to teach them to do their business in their litter… but these can sometimes be difficult to train…

Choosing the right cat litter

Are you looking for the ideal litter for Felix? We made the right choice! We make life easier by favoring one garbage can plastic, easier to clean and with high edges (at least 10 cm) to avoid projections. We also think about the comfort of his cat take the necessary precautions: depending on their particular circumstances, some cats will need a tray with a lowered entrance…

Another option? bet on one toilet house ! Kesako? If the bottom is the same as a litter box, the toilet house has walls and a roof (in short, it is a small cat-sized kennel), most often equipped with a hinged door. Its big advantage? It contains several (bad) smells! Which can also be annoying, because if some cats prefer discretion, others can be bothered by the concentration of smells in this small house…

Where should I place my cat’s litter box?

Cats are fearful animals and nothing fazes them! To feel comfortable, the cat needs each space to be well defined. In fact, it is important to separate the toilet area from the dining area or even from the cat tree. We therefore make sure to create a cocoon for Felix by putting some distance between his litter and the rest of his belongings!

How do you teach your cat to go to the litter box?

Regardless of whether it is a kitten or has been used to to relieve oneself outside, a cat can have problems with feces in the litter box. In the first case, the kitten usually imitates its mother: if she is used to defecating in a litter, the little cat will tend to imitate her. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the kitten’s learning period with its mother (generally it is a minimum of 8 weeks).

About the cat never learned to use its litter box, we will have to teach him! The best way to do it? When we see that he is about to pee, we take him and put him on his litter. Then we move away because cats don’t necessarily like to be observed. Sometimes scratching the cat a little can encourage the cat to do its business.

Why won’t my cat go in his litter box?

Even if he has learned to relieve himself in a litter box, at some point a cat may refuse to go there. Several reasons can explain this refusal:

  • A disturbance to its environment: moving, the arrival of a baby, the adoption of another animal… as mentioned above, nothing disturbs a cat’s daily life!
  • A litter that doesn’t suit him: too small, too long, too wide, in forced cohabitation… some cats can be hard to please! It can also come from the quality of the waste you buy ((mineral, vegetable, silica, etc.)
  • Discomfort causes odor. Your cat’s sense of smell is also damaged! Insufficient regular cleaning may be the cause! If the cat thinks that the area chosen for him is not clean enough, he will be tempted to go and relieve himself somewhere else… The right pace? Change the litter once a weekor even more if the need arises!

In any case, you should keep in mind thatpotty training is not innate and requires time and patience. In any case, giving up is never a solution.

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