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how FFR lawyers respond to attacks

Since the first day of Bernard Laporte’s trial in Paris, the French Rugby Federation (FFR) has been present on the bench of the civil parties. Often pointed out by other lawyers during the debates, the councils of the Federation respond to these attacks.

A situation never easy to manage when a Federation finds itself on both sides of the bar. On the side of the civil parties and on the side of the defendants. However, the two lawyers of the FFR repeat at hearing length their independence vis-à-vis the leaders of the instance, Bernard Laporte and Serge Simon, installed a few meters from them on the bench of the defendants.

The civil party was filed on June 9, 2022 during a steering committee. Following this meeting, a report recorded the civil action of the FFR in this sprawling file which has undermined French rugby for several years. “Given the configuration of the trial, it could not have been a decision-making on the part of Bernard Laporte and Serge Simon, explains at the microphone of RMC Me Aloïs Blin, lawyer for the FFR. What happened, c n June, the steering committee, a collegial body with part of the opposition, a veritable small politicized assembly, unanimously decided to file a civil action. , we did not have access to the file, we did not know what the scope of the accusation was, the nature of the reproaches. We wanted to understand, it is as simple as that.

Throughout the trial, it was Christian Dullin, secretary general of the FFR, who acted as interface between the body and the two representatives, Aloïs Blin and Jean-Rémi Cognard. “It had even been considered that the person at the head of the ethics committee be the interlocutor to have someone apolitical, describes the lawyer. We must provide Mr. Dullin with daily reports.

“Show that the Federation operates independently”

During the argument of the FFR, the two lawyers recalled: “Our position can challenge. Our mention of the ‘presumption’ of innocence, too. We simply consider that, if the court condemns our federal elected officials, there will be an attack to discipline.” The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office also recalled several times during the hearings that the position of the FFR in this file was “very difficult”. “I want to tell you no, answers Me Blin on RMC. Who is it difficult for? It is indeed difficult for the men and women who work within the institution. Years of procedure like that here, not knowing. A media storm. For the FFR, today, the position is very legal with two aspects in this file.

“Being a civil party in this case also means showing that the Federation operates independently. It’s very important,” says another trial lawyer. The lawyers of the FFR estimated during their argument that they had “difficulty in quantifying” the damage.

The Laporte-Altrad trial, where the main leaders of French rugby appear for “illegal taking of interests”, “passive influence peddling by a public official”, “passive corruption by a public official”, “concealment of abuse of social assets”, “breach of trust” and “abuse of social assets”, must last until September 22 in Paris.

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