How to get along with a cat, here are our top tips

Have you ever visited a good friend’s house and noticed that his cat deeply despises you? When the feline of someone you love, who you see all the time, pretends you don’t exist or even exudes an aura of hatred towards you, it’s very easy to settle the matter by saying that “cats are like that” or that they just don’t like you very much…

Yet this whole facade that cats have of being gruff or extremely independent is actually part of their behavior, like a disguise, that deep down they want to take off. But to achieve this, it is necessary to establish with them a communication that gives them confidence and that is understandable for their nature.

The cats are before all territorials and hunters. Whenever you have a problem with them, remember these two variables, because they mark their behavior from top to bottom and condition all their actions. Being territorial means that he must give you access to his space, because for him the house he lives in is his.

How to get along with a cat

He sees himself as the only one who can grant permission to enter and enjoy the security of the house. Thus, if the cat in question has not validated you correctly, it will not welcome you into its home, it will continue to be in conflict with you by avoiding you or showing its disagreement.

On the other hand, as a good hunter, he does not like the approaches of strangers, because if you are not in his circle of trust, you are a threat, he could end up being the hunted hunter, and this in the best case scenario: to hunt you, because the prey, by definition, are foreign to the family.

  • Advice from the master: relax

Animals have a sixth sense to sense if someone is tense, and especially if that tension is on them. Dogs and cats are very observant, as they are programmed to analyze the behavior of their pack and their prey in order to survive and attack. All your movements, the tone of your voice and your attitude are taken into account. Yes, this kitten is a truth machine fully connected to your actions. But don’t worry, it’s just a cat.

The main advice for establishing a good relationship with a cat is to relax and do nothing, not because it will work wonders, but because you approaching the animal would be a sign of harassment. Do not force the cat, do not try to stroke or cuddle it if you are not yet part of its circle of trust.

Giving affection to an animal designed for hunting is tantamount to lowering its status and despising it, which omits its territoriality and infuriates it. just be humble in his space (because he understands that you are in “his” space), do not touch his belongings, do not establish special eye contact with him.

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He will then become curious. Indeed, the less you listen to him, the more he will want to know about you. And this, if you are sitting quietly on the sofa, chatting, reading a book, working on your computer or watching television, there will always come a time when he will come to you.

It’s only a matter of time before the cat approaches you, takes a closer look, recognizes you, and begins to consider letting you be part of the household. Unfortunately for cats, there aren’t many fun things to do around the house. So we know it’s only a matter of time before they come to you, because there is probably nothing better to do.

This has been studied scientifically, the University of Zurich has conducted research on cat behavior which has determined that the less attention we pay to a feline, the more interest it will generate, whether towards its reference master, a casual acquaintance or an intruder. However, in the case of people who are not part of the household, the cat must first go through a “triage” phase and determine whether or not you are a threat, and whether you are worthy of its approval.

Once the cat has approached you, you will notice it “dancing” around you and laying its paws on you. It tests your behavior. If you run away: you are prey. If you withdraw in disgust, you are not worthy of his acceptance.

And if you stay more or less stable, and you touch him a little: you can start to be friends. You don’t need to give him big hugs or cuddles, not yet, but a “declaration of intent”, letting him know that you can pet him, that you are at his disposal to recognize his importance in the world. order of things. He will then start secreting hormones about you.

When a cat lands on a person, especially if it’s with their head, what they’re doing is marking the other’s body with their hormones, granting them permission to be part of their surroundings. It is about “colonizing” another being, because according to him, as long as you do not have this hormonal label, you are not part of the household.

The best thing that can happen to you is that the cat licks you or rubs against your legs, or puts its face close to your body, because it means that it now considers you a friend, and from At this point, the “rejection” you thought he had for you will start to be a thing of the past.

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