How to lose weight without going through the diet box

Losing weight without dieting starts with shopping. And one of the tricks is to not do not go shopping on an empty stomach because hunger makes impulsive. We tend to buy more products and make bad choices.

Studies have shown that we are more inclined towards higher calorie foods. In short, you are more likely to put a packet of cakes in your shopping cart than fruit.
Another advice, it is in our interest to do a shopping list. And when shopping, you stick to it strictly. This avoids being tempted by products that you do not need. It’s good for his weight and his wallet.

And then, what’s the point of buying sodas or crisps if you’ve decided to stop consuming them?

Eat your fill in good conditions

At the table, it is first important to try to eat your fill. This may seem obvious, but very often we eat out of habit.

For example, in the morning, when you get up, are you hungry? Little or no appetite? In the latter case, why force yourself to eat? Skipping breakfast is not dramatic. We can very well have a snack later if we are hungry. It is important to listen to your body and respect its sensations.

Secondly, we take our meals in good conditions. We sit at the table, and not in front of our computer or the TV. We avoid doing anything else while eating. It is important to pay attention to what you eat, to take the time to savor your meal. In this way, we feel the signals of satiety better, and therefore we eat less.

Divide your plate into four

Then, the ideal is to divide your standard plate into four. If you want to lose weight, half of your plate should consist of raw or cooked vegetables. While being low in calories, they provide volume and fiber that contribute to satiety. We keep a portion of starches – pasta, rice, quinoa, legumes or bread – to be well satiated.

The last quarter of the plate must contain proteins, animal or vegetable, lean meat, fish, eggs, soya, legumes… And you can end your meal with a dairy product or a fruit.

It’s important toto have some protein at each meal because they provide a lasting feeling of satiety. They prevent cravings between meals. And in addition, they help maintain muscle mass. However, if you lose muscle, you burn fewer calories… And this slows down weight loss.

Move between 40 and 60 minutes a day, six days a week

Finally, sport is obviously an ally. When we move, we expend calories. But, it’s true, you don’t always lose as much weight as you would like when you start exercising again.

Why ? Well because our organism is not always cooperative. When we play sports, our appetite tends to increase. As a result, we spend more, but we also eat more if we are not careful. The latest research shows, however, that by moving very regularly, we are a winner because we do not compensate for all the calories lost.

Exercising twice a week is not enough. According to recent studies, we should move between 40 and 60 minutes a day, six days a week, i.e. about 6 hours per week. And when we say move, it means doing sports, but it can also be walking or engaging in any activity that puts the body in motion.

Other things facilitate weight loss. We are interested in get enough sleep, for example. Lack of sleep hinders fat loss and leads to eating more fatty and sugary foods. So many effects that compromise efforts to lose weight. So, with the holidays coming up, we take the opportunity to move more, but also to sleep well!

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