How to stop your cat from waking you up at night?

As you know, the cat is a nocturnal animal that regulates itself and needs to have confidence. If during the day your pet will leave you alone, it will not be the same when it comes time to go to bed. Small daily gestures can improve this nocturnal situation. Ivan gives you some healthy tips in 8/9 continues.

The first trick is to feed your cat before going to sleep, you fill his bowl with kibble and his bowl with water. He will let you spend the night without asking for his meal. The second tip is to play with your cat as often as possible, it will exhaust it and it will give it confidence. Finally, close your bedroom door and ignore his meows.

In summary, you should never give in to the whims of your hairball, which will insist on the slightest opportunity given to it.

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