How to travel with your dog? Here are some practical tips

If you drive to get to your vacation spot, you may be planning to take your dog with you.
What should be paid attention to? What equipment to take? Here are some recommendations.

This Sunday, Cirrius, who lives in Gerpinnes, is going on a family vacation. 8 hours drive. The cage is bulky but essential. By plane, it is an obligation, by car, a security. “In the event of an accident, the dog is not likely to fly everywhere. Both for him and for us, it’s better”emphasizes Edwige.

There are many other options for tying up your dog. “There is also the harness that you fix in the seat belt”adds Edwige.

“There is also the seat belt. You have to be careful because in some countries it has become compulsory, like in Germany for example”, adds Marjorie Notte, the manager of a specialty store.

Medicines also exist to soften motion sickness or soothe the dog.

Don’t forget to treat it against parasites like fleas. Vaccines must be in order. “If you go abroad, you need the rabies vaccine in addition, once every two years. The other vaccines, it’s once a year, all the reminders”, indicates Brigitte the mistress of Jalna.

There are first aid kits for dogs, with the essential tick tweezers. Another useful gadget for travel, the collapsible bowl with a part for the drink and a part for the kibbles.

In the event of a runaway, a medal with the coordinates of the master can change everything. “You must indicate your number with +32 or 0032, if you are going to Germany, for example”recalls Marjorie Notte.

Also, don’t forget the toys to animate the breaks on the road, every hour if possible.

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