Hungover, why are we starving?

After a fine night of drunkenness, we often transform ourselves as soon as we wake up into real human trash… What have we done to our bodies to undergo such a gargantuan metamorphosis?

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone… After a night of drinking, our body has one last whim: that of making an unhealthy stock of saturated fats. You know, it’s always the same old story…

We drink a few too many drinks, we go home, and in our cloud of intoxication, we put our last strength in search of a late-night snack… Sweet, salty, hot or cold, our taste buds no longer have any requirements, except that of satisfying this slab that tugs at our entrails.

Strange, the next morning, we are still hungry, even though we have swallowed a lot of food a few hours earlier… We are transformed into “human trash”, capable of eating anything and everything. Hello doctor, what happens in our bodies when we are hungover?

It would be a matter of lowering blood sugar

According to Dana Ellis Hunnes in the columns of melmagazine, dietician at the University of California Medical Center, the answer to this post-cooked wolf hunger would lie in the fluctuation of our blood sugar :

“When we drink too much alcohol, our blood sugar drops and there is no more insulin in our blood, used to process food and alcohol from the previous night. Sugar levels are dropping, we are hungry and that seems to be the most likely explanation. »

Gillian Tietz, biochemist and podcast host Sober Powereddeciphering the science of drug addiction, ensures in this sense, that when we are hungover, our brain senses this drop in blood sugar and tries to correct it by telling us to eat :

“When we drink large amounts of alcohol, the body makes the processing and elimination of alcohol its top priority and other processes, such as maintaining our blood sugar levels, are impacted. In the morning, this means your blood sugar is low and your glycogen stores are low, so the body is sending you signals to eat. »

The hormone leptin responsible for our lack of feelings of satiety

Also, be aware that the day after the binge, the communication between your intestine and your brain does not work very well: the hormone leptin, responsible for signaling to your body when it has eaten enough, plays the deserter!

However, even if the feeling of satiety does not appear, faced with an excessive influx of food, our stomach will eventually trigger nausea or even stomach painso we know something is wrong…

Beware of dehydration

Attention, dehydration can also play a role in your hangover. Alcohol is a diuretic, that means it makes you urinate more than usual. And if we do not replace these evacuated liquids, we will end up being thirsty.

Lisa Moskovitz, CEO of NY Nutrition Group, assures the American media SELFthatreduced blood sugar levels, combined with dehydration, can be responsible for our urge to eat anything and everything after cooking:

“When you’re even slightly dehydrated and your blood sugar is lower than normal, your body automatically goes into ‘foraging’ mode to try to restore both levels to normal”

Problem: if we eat more, we will be all the more thirsty… And the fundamental problem of dehydration is not necessarily solved…

Eliminate alcohol from our body

In the middle of a hangover, despite our fatigue and our nonchalance, our body must fight its own war in order to eliminate the alcohol still present in the bloodas confirmed by Gina Keatley, a New York nutritionist at SELF.

“While we sleep, proteins are created that help the liver remove what our body sees as toxins from the blood. When you wake up, your body [vous ordonne] to absorb as many calories as possible as a source of energy. »

Behind the facade of your lethargic state, your body burns energy to eliminate alcohol and at the same time, your liver is no longer able to create as much energy for the rest of the body.

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A miracle solution to counter the hangover?

But then, what should we do if we wake up hungry after a night of excess, which may or may not have involved a drunken craving session? The experts are unanimous: eat if we are hungry but try to resist the temptation of too fatty foods. Why not replace our fast food menu with a nutritious breakfast?

Alcohol abuse can reduce our ability to absorb certain nutrients like vitamin B12, thiamin, and folate. It is better to focus on foods rich in these nutrients, such as eggs, cheese, beans, avocado, berries, bananas or oilseeds (nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, etc.).

No miracle cure on the horizon… Apart from drinking lots of water! So let’s drink water before we even go to bed — if we think about it! — and as soon as we wake up. And thanks to the perfect combo, water + healthy food, we will very quickly manage to feel Dr. Wilder confirms:

“Eating a nutritious breakfast and rehydrating are essential, especially if you are hungover. They will give you energy and reduce your chances of experiencing some of the unpleasant symptoms [de la gueule de bois]. »

So, let’s try to resist this voice that tells us to eat salty and greasy food… Let’s ignore it, in moderation of course! And armed with all these new tips, maybe we can avoid the dreaded two-day hangover… Because yes, it exists!

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