Hungry dog ​​tries (unsuccessfully) to steal train passenger's crisps: he immortalizes the hilarious scene (photos) - THECHOWANIECS.COM

Hungry dog ​​tries (unsuccessfully) to steal train passenger’s crisps: he immortalizes the hilarious scene (photos)

Four images shared on Instagram have gone viral on social media. They show the frustration of a dog trying to reach a bag of crisps on a train. On the photos, we see a golden retriever secure the passenger behind him through the narrow space between two seats.

The next shot shows the enthusiastic dog darting forward, sticking its muzzle through the gap. In the third photo, the dog sticks its tongue out, clearly showing its desperation to reach the chips.

Finally, frustrated, the dog shows the passenger who does not want to give up the chips. Amused netizens posted memes comparing this look to that of Jack Nicholson in The shiningthe 1980 cult horror film.

We ignores the end of the story that unfolded in March, but in the meantime, the hungry dog ​​has become a star on social media.

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