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husband’s lawyers demand his release under electronic bracelet

A feasibility study is underway to determine if Cédric Jubillar could come out of isolation.

After 15 months in pre-trial detention, Cédric Jubillar, the husband of Delphine Jubillar, a young Tarn nurse who disappeared on December 15, 2020, could be released under an electronic bracelet, indicated to the Figaro one of the detainee’s lawyers, confirming information from The Dispatch .

A fifth request for release was thus filed on Wednesday, September 14, by counsel for the defendant, who also note in this request that they would like Cédric Jubillar to be placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring. Nearby FigaroMe Jean-Baptiste Alary said he was surprised to see that “a man is locked in 9m² even though the previous investigations have yielded nothing and no new element has been added to the file“.

“Jail at Home”

A feasibility study, which consists of establishing whether the material conditions for releasing a prisoner on parole are met, is therefore in progress and is being carried out by the agents of the prison integration and probation service (Spip). It is essentially a matter of checking whether the accommodation is decent, whether the owner of the property has given his consent and whether the Internet connection is compatible with the technology required by an electronic bracelet. “If the investigation establishes that the technical means are indeed met, this does not mean that the release under bracelet will be accepted by the judge of detention and freedoms“, however, underlines Mr.e Alary.

The address where Cédric Jubillar will potentially be housed remains secret for the moment. On the other hand, the new home that has been proposed would not be in the Tarn, but elsewhere in Occitania. Officially, to prevent him from meeting people involved in the case, unofficially, for his safety. But for M.e Alary, “there is no objective reason that would suggest that Cédric Jubillar is in danger outside of prison“. The criminal lawyer even said he was outraged to note that “we leave a man behind bars to protect him from media coverage he did not want“. So there should be no bodyguards around the house. In all cases, the place selected must be chosen with the agreement of the integration counsellor.

This exit under bracelet will however have to be done under certain conditions. Delphine Jubillar’s husband will probably be banned from speaking to the media, banned from contacting civil parties and people who have testified in this case, and finally, banned from crossing the Tarn department, if not is to visit his lawyer. However, he will have the right to work fixed hours and receive company. But, as far as his children are concerned,everything will have to be done under the control of the Albi children’s judge“says the lawyer. “It’s a kind of prison at home“, concludes the criminal.

Placed in pre-trial detention since June 18, 2021 for “murder of a spouse”, this isolation could last until June 18, 2023, or even, in exceptional cases, until June 18, 2024, according to Me Alary.


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