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“I didn’t know if I should cry or vomit”

Lisa Ferraby, a 37-year-old Briton, was horrified as she looked at her CCTV cameras. She discovered that a delivery man, who came to bring a package while she and her husband were away, had mistreated their cat.

According to information reported by Buckinghamshire, Lisa was warned by her husband Andrew that a man was coming to their house, when they were both at work. Lisa then logged into her app linked to her camera and discovered the horror. A delivery man kicked his cat Tumble. We see the man hitting the animal with a letter, then with his hand, to finish by throwing a stone at it!

“I was absolutely furious. I just wanted to quit work, but I couldn’t leave,” says Lisa. “It’s heartbreaking to see this kind of thing happen to your own pet. I didn’t know if I should cry or vomit,” she adds.

Luckily, Lisa and Andrew’s cat was unharmed, but the cameras can tell he was shaken off and then ‘curled into a corner’. “He didn’t eat that night, which is not like him,” Lisa explains again.

Outraged by what had happened, Lisa reported the incident to Evri, the delivery company that employs the abusive man. The delivery man was fired the next day. “We have apologized to Ms Ferraby and made a gesture of goodwill. This was highly unacceptable behavior and we can confirm that the courier will no longer deliver on behalf of Evri,” the company responded.

You can watch the video on the Mirror website.


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