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“I suggested to the employees to initiate an action” in justice, announces the lawyer from the CGT

Dozens of Camaïeu employees have occupied the brand’s headquarters in Roubaix since Tuesday, October 4, following its liquidation last week. “I suggested that they each take action individually. in court, responds to franceinfo Me Fiodor Rilov, lawyer for CGT at Camaïeu. He says he has already received “dozens of warrants in due form.”

franceinfo: What is the purpose of this occupation?

Mr Fyodor Rilov : There was a general assembly for Camaïeu employees this morning in front of the company’s headquarters. The CGT invited me to intervene to explain the various legal actions that employees can take to try to bring to light the truth about the reasons that led to the discomfort and therefore the dismissal of the entire staff. The company is being liquidated, so all employees will be dismissed in less than three weeks. Less than two years ago, the shareholders made a series of commitments to turn the business around. The employees are now experiencing that all this has been pschitt. I suggested that they each take action individually to go and get the documents, the information and have a photograph of everything that has happened over the last two years, such as possible transfers of money that would have contributed to to empty the cash.

Do you want to show that in the end it is not about deaths, but rather a responsibility on the part of the shareholder?

Absolutely! The employees have a feeling that the shareholders have not given all the commitments to avoid this social disaster. 2,600 people made redundant is unprecedented in this country for 15 years. So we made the decision this morning to take this action next week. Since this morning, I already have dozens of employees who have sent me an electronic power of attorney in good and proper form. We are already preparing this procedure.

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Was it necessary to undergo an occupation of the seat?

The employees considered that they could not be content with initiating legal proceedings. So they took the initiative to go home, to their business, which they have been running for 20, 30 years. The average seniority of Camaïeu employees is very high. So yes, they decided to come to the corporate headquarters and show their displeasure, their anger and also to act symbolically. There is a desire to take ownership of the company and also possibly create the possibility of a takeover. This is very vague today. People have apparently shown interest. We will see if this interest shows. In any case, the employees have decided not to let it go.

Does the occupation still last?

Of course ! And she’s not ready to stop. The employees are spread over the entire area. In order for the employees to come into contact with each other, a headquarters is needed [à Roubaix]. This will allow us to organize a fight together so that justice is done.

Can the employees still believe in a revival of Camaïeu?

Many of them rightly believe that this company can find a buyer with a real plan that will deliver on commitments this time. Statistically, the chances of finding such a buyer are small. But Camaïeu is the French number one in ready-to-wear for women. So maybe a secular miracle will happen.

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