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If your cat runs away from your home, does he know how to get back? Quickly find out the answer

Some people believe that cats have a supernatural ability to find their way home. Whether it is a myth or a reality.

Studies claim that there is no scientific evidence or study to prove that felines have an innate ability to find their way home and unfortunately this leads to many house cats getting lost every day.

Why do cats run away?

First of all, cats have great abilities that other animals don’t have and therefore tend to want to explore new and unfamiliar spaces. This often leads to them running away from home in search of “adventures” and, most importantly, other cats, due to their breeding instincts. In fact, cats that aren’t spayed are the most likely to run away from home.

  • What is the ability of cats to find their way home on their own?

Cats have a keen sense of direction, are good observers, and know their surroundings very well, which can be incredibly helpful if they need to find their way home. Their memories can help guide them when cats get lost.

Cats have overdeveloped senses and therefore have a great capacity for orientation, thanks in particular to the smells of their own urine and to marking with pheromones. These abilities often allow them to find their way home, but sometimes they lose track and do not know how to get back.

  • How long does it take for a cat to come home?

When faced with disorientation, the behavior of a lost cat can vary. Some try to follow the trail they left by marking it with urine or pheromones, while others may walk for miles trying to find their homes. If your cat has gone missing or won’t come home after a few hours you’ll need to be patient, but when a cat doesn’t come home for more than 18-24 hours it’s time to act as they can got lost.

  • What steps can I take and how can I prevent my cat from escaping?

Some cats have a habit of taking short excursions or escapades, whether in the garden or around the neighborhood. The main reasons a cat leaves the house are usually just for a walk or looking for a mating. So be vigilant during the mating season.

  • Provide a positive environment: like everyone else, cats also want to return to places where they feel happy, comfortable and loved. Therefore, if we want our kitty to stay at home, the first thing to do is to provide him with a positive, safe and calm environment.
  • Sterilization: it is effective in preventing unwanted litters and fighting overpopulation of stray animals. Sterilization is the only effective measure to eliminate or reduce behaviors related to sexual desire or escape.
  • Teach him to come back with treats: If your pet is used to going outside, in addition to the preventative measures above, it is also important to teach him to come back using positive reinforcement. When your cat comes home quickly, you can give her a tasty treat, a homemade meal, a new toy, or just spend some quality time playing with her.
  • Identification. Thanks to identification tags and microchips. The latter is very useful when they get lost, because when they find it, they can contact you.
  • Provide adequate preventive medicine: every cat should receive adequate preventative medicine to maintain good health and stable behavior. If your cat should ever run away, by having good preventive medicine, it will be less likely to contract a number of diseases.

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