“Impossible to obtain a hearing for divorce” in Toulouse: lawyers demand means

“Impossible to obtain a hearing to divorce”, deplores the order of lawyers of Toulouse (©Illustration / AdobeStock)

“Means for family justice, stopped in Toulouse”. This is the name of a petition launched a few weeks ago by the bar association of the bar of the Pink City, which thus intends “to alert the public authorities to the unprecedented deterioration in the functioning of family justice” in the fourth largest city in France.

“Unable to get a divorce hearing”

This petition, launched on the change.org platform, has so far collected nearly 1,800 signatures. The lawyers demand “the restoration of access to the judge and the allocation of additional resources essential to the functioning of the public service of justice”.

“Today and for more than a month, it is simply impossible to obtain a hearing to divorce, to fix a residence or a right of reception for your children or alimony. This unprecedented blocking situation is adds to a chronic dysfunction”.

Toulouse Bar Association

Years to divorce and appeal?

President of the Order of Lawyers of the Toulouse Bar, Pierre Dunac denounces “delays that have become intolerable” for several months in Toulouse. It would take on average one year to obtain a non-divorce petition, and eight months for a non-divorce summons.

But the delays are even longer for people who want to divorce : it’s necessary seven months to get a hearing on the provisional measures, then a year before “the fixing of a hearing after the file is in a state to be judged”, argues the order of lawyers. A real journey strewn with pitfalls… “Woe to him who appeals! » still ironically the order, « he will have to wait more than two years to get a decision…”.

In Toulouse, “demography is increasing, not the number of judges”

“Toulouse litigants are faced with a real denial of justice”, argue the Toulouse lawyers in the petition, “access to the judge is simply impossible for them”. In their eyes, “this result is the consequence of a lack of material and human resources allocated to justice, in Toulouse as elsewhere”.

“This situation is denounced by all the actors: lawyers, justice personnel, clerks, magistrates. We have been mobilizing since December 2021 to indicate that we are not allocating to justice the means it needs. In Toulouse, demography is increasing, but not the number of judges. Not all files can be processed. »

Pierre DunacPresident of the Toulouse Bar Association

“So that family justice can be rendered under normal conditions”, the bar association therefore calls for “more means”, which means “more magistrates” insists the president of the Bar Dunac.

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