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In Bussy-la-Pesle, a hunter facing a big wolf or a big dog

The upcoming opening of the hunt raises fears of some “unwanted” encounters among the village hunters. If the municipality has a substantial forest massif, it would be crossed by a very “big” wolf.

A funny encounter

On the last day of the hunt in Bussy, February 28, a young hunter who was on an accompanied hunt reportedly saw a young specimen in the Allée wood. “According to his description, he was bigger and heavier than a deer, with a huge tail,” said the mayor, Philippe Raffeau.

“The wolf has gone around the massif. He passed about 35 yards from a more experienced hunter. He pointed his gun, but didn’t fire, knowing it was a protected species. He returned to his car and told his son who was there. According to his description, the animal weighed 75 kg, was huge. He showed us where he had entered. I notified the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) and the Departmental Federation of Hunters. This one told me that we had to find a descent and an ascent, because the wolf always marks its territory. We found a descent and a climb. We followed him for about 150 meters… ”, adds the chosen one.

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The mayor does not hide his concern at the idea that one of his fellow citizens is once again confronted with the presence of the animal. And this is not his only anxiety: “The town is a breeding ground with suckler cattle and sheep. We have several sheep breeders”.

The city councilor found new footprints in the mud in May and June: “in a puddle with slush. There was a fox that had put its paws there and… the wolf”.

“A big dog” according to the OFB

If pictures were taken, the OFB would have concluded that it was a mistake: according to him, it was a big dog. “I did not try to call back the OFB. But if it’s a big dog, its owner has been straying for a long time (laughs). Come and see and try to identify his identity. It’s serious. We must not take the rural world and the hunters for c… at that point. I am a small elected official, responsible for hunting since 1999. I have always done things in order, respecting the quotas. I learn that a predator is on the municipal territory and I am told: it’s a big dog! “.

The mayor seems to have more confidence in the Hunters’ Federation, which dispatched a technician to the site on March 2 in the morning. Since then, the wolf has not been spotted. “But it’s so dry that we couldn’t find any new footprints. I fear the worst. Imagine that a tracker finds himself face to face with this wolf! “, concludes the chosen one.

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