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In Châteaulin, the breeder is looking for a safe place for her goats – Châteaulin

” I can not stand it anymore. It is very stressful to live in fear of another dog attack”. Melissa Parrot does not hide her exhaustion, nor her revolt. She created her breeding, Les Chèvres du Rouzig, a year ago, to breed, wool and milk soap and rents several pastures for her dwarf goats (Saint-Nic, Dinéault, Châteaulin). At the end of April, his animals had already been attacked by the two dogs that raged in the region, particularly in Dinéault. The young breeder had then lost five goats, plus three injured. In total, nearly thirty animals had been killed at that time. Since then, calm has returned. Except for Melissa.

A second attack in July

“The second attack on my herd, which occurred on July 19, has nothing to do with the previous ones,” she insists. Indeed, that day, at 2 p.m., an American bulldog and a hunting dog cross (in April: Beauceron and Labrador crosses never found) attacked these adorable little goats. “Except for the goats, the horns and the smell must have deterred them,” she consoles herself. Nevertheless, two breeders had to be euthanized and five were injured. “To the veterinarian’s amazement,” continues Melissa, “an angora survived despite having 100 stitches.” A real warrior.

The identified owner

The two killer dogs were found by the gendarmerie thanks to photos, taken by walkers, of canines with their mouths full of blood. “The owner didn’t even apologize and just said that he was well insured,” says the young breeder indignantly. “Me, I spent €2,000 on fencing so that my animals wouldn’t do any damage. And them, what do they do to prevent their dogs from going to kill? protests Melissa, who will not be compensated for her sleepless nights or for the love she has for her goats.

€12,000 loss

Melissa assesses her damage at €12,000. She includes the sharp drop in births in her herd (a dwarf kid trades for around €900), plus veterinary costs. Care continues long after the attack due to stress-induced pathologies. “I hope that I will be well compensated, but the negotiations between insurance companies will take time,” she laments. This does not prevent the young breeder from moving forward.

Who has a plot of 8,000 m2?

“I am looking for land to rent, with an area of ​​around 8,000 m2, including an enclosed building, preferably located in Châteaulin, Cast or Dinéault”, specifies the breeder. Eventually, the interested party would like to change the rental into a purchase. A springboard for her lifelong dream: to create an educational farm with miniature animals in order to mediate, particularly in the disability sector, where she also works today.


Melissa Parrot: 06 41 45 25 92

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