In Clamecy, the Italian restaurant, La Gondola, has reopened

The reopening of the Gondola, postponed several times, had been expected for weeks in Clamecy. Thursday, April 28, at noon, customers of the pizzeria discovered the new decor of the establishment after a little over two months of closure. “We also wanted to celebrate our six years of existence. We opened our doors on April 14, 2016,” explains Alain Depraute, who runs the Italian restaurant with his wife Roberta.

Everything has been redone from floor to ceiling

Everything has been reviewed from floor to ceiling, the construction site concerning in particular the reorganization of spaces. The bar has also been redone with some adjustments. A real Italian coffee machine has been installed. The decor, uncluttered, allows you to consume in peace. A new opening (bay window) between the room and the terrace gives more light to the main room with its beautiful ceiling, refurbished. “We feel less confined,” says the boss, very happy with the work of the craftsmen, because the site was very well managed.

“The kitchen area has been moved and completely redesigned to accommodate more people, work better and allow us to continue with home cooking. Our trademark,” explains Alain Depraute.

Because the latter continues to travel to Italy to pick up his products at the source once a month or every month and a half. “It’s sometimes heavy for us, but it’s the price to pay for quality. We are in a small town and we must continue to attract customers. Facing Nevers or Cosne, the competition is strong…”

Works on the facade

The facade has been redone with access for people with reduced mobility. This work was accompanied by upgrading of equipment. The room can accommodate about forty people.
Result: the pizzeria, which could serve up to 180 people before its temporary closure with dishes and pizzas to take away, is back on the bases of last year, i.e. 130 people over the last three evenings. Alain exhibits the reservation books that keep coming.

Some delays in the work were however noted: “it’s complicated to receive equipment and everyone is short of staff”.
Not enough to bring down the boss who remains very optimistic: “we were full last Thursday and Sunday, almost full on Wednesday”. He is still looking for servers.

Open on Mondays during the summer

Next summer, the Gondola should be operating at full capacity with nine employees. A chef and a pizza maker must even arrive from Italy: “Because doing the mise en place together, as is currently the case, is very hard, even with my apprentice who is doing a great job. I need qualified people”, assures Alain Depraute.
Two servers should also be hired in the coming weeks.
During the summer, the establishment, rated 4 and a half stars by Tripadvisor (out of 5 possible), with the award of the 10% of the best restaurants in the world, will also be open on Mondays, if all the desired staff are of course there. -you.

Christopher Belhomme


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