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In Germany, covid-sceptic lawyers settle their accounts with each other – Liberation

Stars of anti-closure across the Rhine, Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer accuse each other of taking too much from their kitty. The funds were intended to implement a group action, called Nuremberg 2.0., in favor of the alleged victims of the sanitary measures.

Nothing goes well with German covid skeptics. While he hoped to convict virologist Christian Drosten and Lothar Wieler, director of the Robert-Koch Institute (responsible for monitoring the epidemic in Germany) to “billion” euros in damage caused by their measures to fight Covid, the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is confronted by his former comrades in the fight, who demand several hundreds of thousands of euros from him mismanaged.

Through collective action, which he promised to carry out in Canada or the United States, the German wanted to condemn these two representatives of the health authorities and accuse them of being personally responsible for the damage caused by the measures related to Covid-19. According to his justification, Drosten is guilty of having developed the first PCR test and Wieler of having participated in the “fraud” of an epidemic, which he does not take seriously.

In order to get them to pay for all the canceled haircuts and closed restaurants, Reiner Fuellmich set up a kitty scheme promising retailers who suffered losses to be reimbursed a portion of the damages that would later be paid through a “class action “, performed in the United States and in several countries. It would collect thousands or even millions of victims around the world. To join her, the lawyer asked for the payment of 800 euros, excluding VAT, to the victims.

Popular pseudo-dom

Lawyer practicing in Germany and California, defending victims of Deutsche Bank or Volkswagen, Reiner Fuellmich has succeeded in becoming one of the main characters in the fight against health measures in his country. He was active during large demonstrations and in several structures, such as the so-called investigation commission Stiftung Corona Ausschuss (corona committee, in French), the collective Anwälte für Aufklärung (lawyers for transparency) or the association Doctors and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy. He was even nominated as a candidate for chancellor by the small dieBasis party (which promotes the end of Covid-related health restrictions) in the 2021 federal election.

In the absence of a real trial in North America (his attempts have always been rejected by local authorities), he had to settle for a popular pseudo-conviction in February, dubbed Nuremberg 2.0. A reference to the trial that convicted the crimes against humanity of the most important officials of the Third Reich, but also to the Nuremberg code of medical ethics, which defines the conditions for experiments carried out on humans (and which the conspirators consider not respected by vaccination against Covid). On arrival, however, there was no judgment or conviction of their designated culprits (the virologist Christian Drosten therefore, the billionaire Bill Gates, the WHO or the chief medical adviser to the President of the United States, Anthony Fauci), but long hours of debates and exchanges of views on the pandemic.

Redemption of credits from own house

But as revealed by the editors of the German news site T-Online, several former partners of Fuellmich are now demanding hundreds of thousands of euros from him, accusing him of mismanaging donors’ money. The harshest criticism came from Viviane Fischer, a Berlin lawyer and hat maker behind the Corona Committee and a director at dieBasis, often seen with Fuellmich. She accuses her former comrade of having been paid 29,750 euros per month (almost 660,000 euros in total) by the Corona committee for the processing of e-mails, since he did not have access to these e-mails. Finally, this task would have been carried out by an employee paid less than 800 euros per month.

She also accuses him of having used 700,000 euros in donations, calculated as “cash reserves”, to buy credits from his own house and to have acquired gold with the committee’s money. , without telling anyone. Finally, she assures that Fuellmich did not use these funds to fund lawyers or legal experts for the class action, as he promised when the cases in Canada and South Africa were turned over to local volunteer lawyers.

Faced with these numerous accusations, Reiner Fuellmich defended himself by accusing Viviane Fischer of having “psychological issues”, thereby making her appear incompetent. He also accuses her of owing 30,000 euros to the Corona committee (from which she would have borrowed 100,000 euros but only repaid 70,000 euros) and of enriching herself with her companion, as the retransmissions of the committee’s conferences had been entrusted to the box office production of the latter.


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