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In Glos-la-Ferrière, Sabrina Tchambaz, the renowned lawyer who became a pastor

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz
Sabrina Tchambaz is a pastor in her church which can accommodate up to 19 people ©Publihebdos

What catches our attention the most is his former profession, lawyer specializing in immigration and nationality law. This reconversion may come as a surprise, but Sabrina Tchambaz assures her, she has never been happier than since she became pastor in Glos-la-Ferrière (Orne).

From lawyer to pastor

It all starts in 2004 when Sabrina Tchambaz began her career as a lawyer in Paris. She begins to work in a large cabinet and she was “in charge of receiving the consuls, the African ministers. “Finally, after six months, this world of opulence and celebrity disgusts her, so she decides to leave. Without work, “I turned to the solidarity buses”. The solidarity bus are buses that travel through the “hot spots” of Paris to provide legal advice on a voluntary basis “to people who do not dare to enter the courts, such as undocumented immigrants, prostitutes or the homeless. »

She admits to herself that she was scared at first, then people started coming.

Over the weeks, I have loved these people very much and they have loved me.

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz

Not yet very familiar with foreigners’ rightsshe decides to dive back into textbooks to offer the best advice to clients. Then, in view of the demand, she decides to rent a room to continue this activity. The rent being 1,000 euros, “I decided to sublet the premises to pay the rent. »

In total, these are twelve independent lawyers who work half-day in this room.

The people I saw on the solidarity buses came to the firm and after four years, I passed the specialty in immigration law and I got it.

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz

On 26,000 lawyers, “we were only four specialists in the law of foreigners. All of this lasted eight years. At the same time, the lawyer practices the gospel in a church 800 meters from his office to relax. After a few adventures, the lawyer changes church and has a decisive encounter in her life.

A pastoral couple told me that their church was not a choir and they handed me a Bible while praying for me.

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz

Surprised, but enormously touched by the fact that strangers wish her well. good, she decides to invest herself a little more and participates in “three meetings a week. »

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She wanted to become a deacon

She didn’t know it yet, but “at that time, I was in the conversion phase. »

As I read the Bible, I remembered passages from my life and recognized God’s intelligence as I read.

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz

She is baptized in 2016. Becoming complicated to reconcile her job as a lawyer and her new faith, she decided to sell her two firms and “purge my files. “Initially, she wanted to become deacon, “I am doing the training and everything is going very well. »

Then, disagreements with her pastor lead her to the idea of ​​creating her own church. So, “in November 2020, I took these premises to set up my church. Of course, the pandemic arrives preventing him from opening it, but she uses these two years to make work on its premises.

Just before the second lockdown, we started donating food.

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz

Two jobs not so different

In 2021, she is applying for food bank accreditation. “Today we feed 87 people in the sector. In addition to being a pastor, Sabrina Tchambaz wants to become a chaplain because “as a pastor, I am a volunteer. It is the activity of chaplain which is supposed to be a professional activity. For her, ultimately, being a lawyer and being a pastor aren’t all that different.

Lawyers dig into the texts to convince, I do the same with the Bible. Jesus is my president.

Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz

The goal remains the same, “to help people, without judging them, with compassion. Moreover, she can boast of being, to her knowledge, “the only female pastor in the region. Now that the church is open, “we only have one family coming, but we hope to have more. »

The premises of the church “La Bien Aimée” is located at 29, main street in Glos-la-Ferrière. You can contact Pastor Sabrina Tchambaz at the email address: [email protected]

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