In Hanvec, Béatrice Dubray alerts dog owners to the risks of cyanobacteria - Hanvec - THECHOWANIECS.COM

In Hanvec, Béatrice Dubray alerts dog owners to the risks of cyanobacteria – Hanvec

Béatrice Dubray is a dog trainer, a profession she exercises in the village of Kerliver, in Hanvec. She gives several tips to owners to prevent their companions from getting sick. Because the latter face the contamination of cyanobacteria, especially when they drink water. “Dogs are much more susceptible than humans to contamination by cyanobacterium. Unfortunately, the Regional Health Agencies (ARS) do not provide enough information on the subject. Therefore, each inhabitant can become a whistleblower, as soon as he sees these small algae forming in a pond, a lake, a river or a pool. You must immediately inform the town hall of your municipality”, recommends Béatrice Dubray.

Do not drink stagnant water

And in no case in general, the dog should not be allowed to drink water from this place, and more generally to absorb stagnant water, even in a puddle. Rats can also contaminate water and transmit leptospirosis, a very harmful disease for dogs. So what solution to allow canines to hydrate?

The professional advances leads. “The ideal is to put a container of fresh water in the garden, or the kennel. The dog needs to regularly soak its pads in water. It’s his way of regulating his body temperature. But the fluid should be changed several times a day. We must also encourage them to drink, and avoid walks, between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., during very hot weather, ”advises Béatrice Dubray.

“And for people living in an apartment with a dog, simple solutions exist, such as, for example, wetting a towel and putting it on the floor, or preparing plain or sweet ice cubes that the dog will appreciate. Something to make the summer more bearable for the animal, ”concludes the educator.

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