In Hulluch, a dog attack near a canine club creates a stir

At the end of April in Hulluch, two American staff, dogs classified as dangerous, attacked Hina, a young Labrador belonging to a couple from Billy-Berclau. The scene occurred in the street leading to the Hulluch dog club. It wouldn’t be the first time, to hear the neighborhood…

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His thigh wound is bleeding again, so a second visit to the vet is in order. For Hina, a three-and-a-half-year-old Labrador, the obedience competition at the Hulluch canine club seems compromised… Her masters, Yannick and Angélique, from Billy-Berclau, contain a cold anger: this wound ” should never have happened “, according to them.

Their animal was attacked by two other dogs on Saturday April 30, when Yannick was going to dog training. Two neighborhood dogs, which can be seen from rue Oberkampf, which leads to the Hulluchois club. ” It was two American staff (read below). I was out of the car, my dog ​​on a leash, when they jumped on her. »

The attack occurred on the street leading to the Hulluchois Kennel Club.
The attack occurred on the street leading to the Hulluchois Kennel Club.

Summons to the mayor

One grabs Hina’s thigh by the fangs, the second, her leg. By reflex, Yannick throws kicks while protecting his labrador. Master and dog end up taking refuge with a neighbor, who has seen everything. The owners of the two mastiffs, they do not move from their house. The following ? These are emergency care at the veterinarian, and a report to the town hall of Hulluch…

Because the incident is not trivial: the two American staff, escaped from their garden by a fence, could not be declared. In the wake of the incident, the municipality sent a summons to the owners. ” I meet them this Friday, May 13confirms Hulluchois Mayor André Kuchcinski, with the urban community’s pound services. » Owners are required to present the declarative documents for their dogs. ” We cannot tolerate this kind of incident on the public highway. », Supports the mayor. The pound services will also check if there is, in this house, a possible breeding under the radars of the authorities.

An American staff dog considered dangerous.  Photo Archives VDN
An American staff dog considered dangerous. Photo Archives VDN – VDN

Other attacks in the past

We tried to contact the owners: doors closed. Not far from there, a neighbor recounts her setbacks with another American staff member of the family, now deceased. He would have violently attacked his dog twice, on his land… His complaint never succeeded.

Yannick and Angélique, too, decided to go to the police station (in Auchy-les-Mines), at the beginning of May, to file a complaint there. ” There is traffic in this streetexplains the father of the family, we see dogs but also children, with the park next door. Can you imagine if these dogs go after a little one, one day? “A position that includes the head of the canine club, Philippe Nieraad:” I was with mine when I saw these dogs the other day in the park. They weren’t muzzled… I turned around. »

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