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In Le Havre, he kicks and punches his dog in front of CCTV cameras

The Le Havre police services arrested a particularly violent Le Havre with his dog. It was thanks to the CCTV cameras in front of which he hit his German shepherd that the alert was given and the individual identified.

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It was thanks to the civil servants of the urban supervision center of Le Havre that the alert was given. Behind their screens, they spot, rue Lesueur, in the Danton district, a man whose behavior is disturbing to say the least. Already intrigued by the attitude of this man in the past, they witnessed, on August 19, 2022 at 7 a.m., a particularly shocking scene of abuse.

Violent blows

The 50-year-old man walks with his dog on a leash. Visibly annoyed because the animal is not moving fast enough, he punches and kicks his German Shepherd before sending him flying through the air and crashing him back to the ground. This fifty-year-old then gets into a vehicle with the animal.

“The 7 minutes” of Wednesday August 24, 2022 in replay

Confused by his license plate

Alerted, the police of Le Havre go back to him thanks to the license plate of his vehicle visible on the videos. Born in February 1968, this resident of rue Lesueur in Le Havre was placed in police custody and hardly recognizes the abuse despite the very telling images. The man will have to answer for his actions before the court of Le Havre.

The dog was taken care of and placed in a foster family with a health check by a veterinarian.

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