In Luxembourg: “Waiting lists” to abandon animals


In Luxembourg“Waiting lists” to abandon animals

LUXEMBOURG – Shelters for abandoned animals are overcrowded in Luxembourg. So much so that waiting lists have been set up.


“We no longer have room to accommodate abandoned animals”. This is the terrible observation made by the president of the Schifflange asylum, Sacha André. His refuge is overloaded. “This is a situation that has been going on for a few months already. As soon as one dog leaves, another arrives. We have set up waiting lists for abandonment. The asylum has six animals on the waiting list. “We are at the end of it,” laments Sacha André. The asylum accommodates 6 dogs and 80 cats. “We had to transform a veterinary room to have more space”. A situation that can no longer last for the president of the asylum. “We must act, because we really need infrastructure, especially for cats that need care and to prevent them from reproducing.”

The Schifflange asylum is not an isolated case. Same observation on the side of the national asylum for animals of Gasperich and the regional asylum of Dudelange, faced with an increase in abandonments since the start of the holidays. “We are at the limits of our capacities, confides Paul Weber, the president of the Dudelange refuge. In cats, we are at 100% of our capacities, in dogs we are at 120%. A dozen dogs are on our waiting list. Unfortunately, it is “a phenomenon that repeats itself every year”. Cats are the most affected, admits Liliane Ferron, vice-president of the Gasperich asylum. “Every day there is a call for abandonment”.

Lack of awareness

The Covid pandemic has favored the phenomenon, according to Sacha André. “The last two years, many people, who were at home, adopted an animal. With the return to work, they realized the responsibility they had. We have a lot more calls and looking at the date of birth of the dog, we clearly see a link with the pandemic, ”notes the president. But various events come into play, he explains. “Divorce, illness, moving, economic situation, there are many reasons for clients… But we try to make them change their minds, to provide them with a solution adapted to their problem. Sometimes it works”.

The president of the kennel also deplores a real lack of awareness on the side of future masters. “People don’t realize the responsibilities an animal incurs. Adopting a dog is not just a choice for today but it is a long-term choice, he can live 18-20 years”.

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