In Lyon, Alain Soral’s lawyer and his client’s anti-Semitic remarks

This Friday, a resident of the Rhône Sylvain C. appeared before the Lyon Court of Appeal for having sent an email containing anti-Semitic remarks to the head of an Inserm study. His lawyer, known for having defended the far-right polemicist Alain Soral, wanted him to “relative” his writings. Story of a tense audience.

“But what could the face of an Orientalist Freemason be? »

Some questions may have left you wondering, this Friday, October 22, at the Lyon Court of Appeal. At “24 columns”, Sylvain C., appeared for sending an email containing racist and anti-Semitic remarks to a doctor from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm).

In the first instance, this quadra had been sentenced to pay two fines of 1500 euros, including 1000 euros suspended as well as to pay 800 euros for non-pecuniary damage and 600 euros for legal fees.

The Villefranche-sur-Saône police court found him guilty of non-public insult on the grounds of origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion and for acts of non-public defamation. He had appealed.

On appeal, his lawyer asked for the release.

“Judeophilic” glasses for the “biological enemies of my race” and other anti-Semitic remarks at the bar of the Lyon Court of Appeal

In question ? An email message entitled “I no longer wish to participate in the study” sent to the email address of an academic, on February 2, 2019, who had been following him, until then, for a scientific study on nutrition.

In it, Sylvain C. explains his approach as follows:

“Mister S. [Le nom du responsable de l’étude, NDLR] has the head of an Orientalist Freemason and a highly suspicious name, I do not give any health information to Masons with brown eyes whose rank I do not know, and I encourage his employees to question him on this subject in priority to unless the prospect of being a slave to beard masons is a prospect that delights them. »

A little further on, he continues:

“S. the Judeophilic Spectacled Bear has the head and body of the biological enemies of my race, the blue-eyed whites. »

After which, Sylvain C. underlined that “Inserm was in the hands of the Jew Yves Levy” before, again, adding, in a message of about twenty lines:

“I suggest it will harm the goys one way or another, either so that the Jews know where to put the poison preferentially. »

For the defendant: “I do not understand how this can shock”

At the helm, Sylvain C. confirmed having written this email. However, he denied having sent it to the doctor in question.

“It was more for the person who held my leg 30 minutes on the phone before,” he defended himself.

Before sending the email, a person from the study, with an “exotic voice”, in the words of Sylvain C. during his testimony, had already asked him several questions. She suggested that he send the observations made over the telephone by e-mail. Following a question, Sylvain C. will thus acknowledge that his “observations”, made by email, had been made orally beforehand.

“I don’t understand how it can shock,” he said. I acknowledge the facts, but I feel I have been framed under the guise of scientific research. »

“There are monuments in Paris with steles of Freemasons where it is written in Jewish”

For him, he would have seen in this opportunity a “relay of freedom of expression” opened by science.

The lawyer for the Inserm researcher, Thomas Fourrey, “horrified”, tried to get the defendant to talk about his relationship with “Jews”, a word cited four times in the email. During tough exchanges with the defense lawyer, Damien Viguier, Thomas Fourrey did not manage to get many text explanations from Sylvain C.

“There are monuments in Paris with steles of Freemasons where it is written in Jewish. I just thought there was a link, ”he simply underlined, refusing to apologize for his text.

A not very encouraging sign for the lawyer.

“A year later, the situation remains the same, he said sorry. We might have expected a call from intelligence. But it is nothing. »

“When we talk about anti-Semitism, the devil fantasizes about all the television channels […], I understand that the emotion is difficult to contain. »

Objective: to show the “lightness” of a text that, according to him, is intended to be humorous. A defense that the Advocate General had attacked in anticipation, showing the links made between “the Jew” and a supposed “poison” of society.

Reductio ad absurdum: “A majority of Jews have blue eyes. Look at Eric Zemmour! »

“We can see that all of this is not very serious”, wanted to minimize the lawyer.

In the term “orientalist”, the lawyer Damien Viguier wants to see, potentially, a love for Persia and the Middle East. Regarding the expression “brown-eyed mason”, he clearly sees no insult. For the “judeophile bezel bear”, the defender points out that the adjective judeophile qualified the glasses, and not the doctor targeted in the email. As for the sentence concerning “the enemies of my blue-eyed race”, he jokes:

“But a majority of Jews have blue eyes. Look at Eric Zemmour, he is Sephardic, he has blue eyes! »

Not certain that these arguments convince the court of appeal. One point could however play in favor of the defence: the question of confidentiality. For her, Sylvain C. did not think that this email could be read by the Inserm doctor, targeted by the text. The email was sent to a “generic” address, of the people carrying out the study. In other words: the conversation could, according to him, have remained strictly confidential between the person on the telephone and the defendant. But the doctor in question had access to this mailbox.

“There must be a will to lift confidentiality in matters of defamation, underlined Damien Viguier. However, my client had made sure with the interlocutor that the person was not going to cry at the slightest remark that could be unpleasant. »

A defendant who has already gone to court in the Julie Hainaut case

In this sense, Sylvain C. had pointed out that usually, when he makes this type of remark, “people hang up”. Something that had not happened this time. An element that shows that the defendant is not his first time. If he has never been convicted, he has already appeared in court for this type of problem.

He had been released in December 2020 in the context of the Julie Hainaut case. After an article for the small Bulletin, this journalist had been the victim of insults and harassment on social networks.

Sylvain C. had appeared for having shared a racist and sexist post vis-à-vis the author of an article on a bar in Lyon which highlighted the colonial era in a positive way. Convicted at first instance, he was acquitted on appeal.

The deliberation of the case will be given on November 26th. At the end of the session, the judge asked the defendant if he would agree to do community service (TIG) to pay his sentence. An alternative proposed by the Advocate General in order to avoid attacking his savings. At the RSA, Sylvain C. stressed that he did not have significant funds. The respondent replied in the negative.

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