in Mayenne, 23 dogs in agony discovered in a house

It is a macabre discovery. Mayenne SPA investigators have rarely seen this. This Wednesday, in the courtyard of a house, they came face to face with 21 dogs lying in makeshift kennels, built of odds and ends. These animals were rotting in ten centimeters of excrement. Not a bowl of water for them. Just a trough, empty, and in a bad state. Investigators notice a thin green film of bacteria.

But the worst is to come during this visit made after a report. wild boar carcasses, skeletons rot next to the dogs. Their owner, a hunter, used to feed them the carcasses. Two other dogs were also recovered from a truck.

Frightened but not aggressive

Basically, the alert was given by a health professional. He was visiting this passionate hunter, an old gentleman, a farmer and sick. Since Wednesday at the Laval SPA, volunteers have been intensively washing the dogs. Their health will be monitored daily by veterinarians. “They are scared but not aggressive“indicates the Society for the Protection of Animals to France Bleu Mayenne.

Currently, nearly 150 dogs are housed on its premises. The SPA indicates that it can no longer accommodate until further notice. At the same time, 87 cats are cared for by the association out of a total capacity of 90 places.

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