In Mayenne, the lady with thirty cats “chased” from her home

A resident of Villepail (Mayenne) who feels “persecuted” in this “village of hunters” of 185 inhabitants, because of her passion for animals, asked this Wednesday, July 13, 2022 to the administrative court of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) to urgently suspend the municipal decree which wants to force her to leave her accommodation “for a reason of insalubrity”.

This decree was taken when Teresa Byrne had “stayed two months in the hospital” after breaking her femoral neck and having “caught the Covid”: this recipient of the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) did not have “could maintain” his house, located just in front of the exit of the Villepail church: his cats then “left alone” and “water damage” occurred. But since then, this 59-year-old Irishwoman has had this house “cleaned” which she rents from the community of communes. There remains “only plumbing work” to be carried out, and the placo to “change”.

“The placo was destroyed and the water heater had fallen to the ground, with a risk of leakage”, corrects Alain Blottière, the mayor of Villepail. “Madam has also been using the town’s public toilets for some time. The elected official also received “help” from a local association to “free us from the thirty cats that invade our small village”, he told the judge. “We had everyone who was outside sterilized,” he said.

But his decree could be suspended: only the prefect can take this type of measure, the judge warned him. Decision in the next few days.

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