In Occitania, the regional president finances the LPO which uses the money to slander the hunters

On April 15, Mrs. Carole Delga, socialist president of the Occitanie region signed an agreement with the environmental organization LPO, the league for the protection of birds, whose president and emblematic figure is none other than Mr. Alain Bougrain-Dubourg. This agreement, which extends over a period of three years and whose avowed aim is to ” mark the recognition of the LPO Occitanie as a major player in our territory in the fight for the preservation of biodiversity According to the regional elected official, provides for funding of the LPO by the region to the tune of 500,000 euros. If the desire of Madam President to promote biodiversity by supporting actors in the field may seem judicious, the choice of the LPO and the allocation of such a subsidy can only offend the world of hunting.

Indeed, the league for the protection of birds, for many years, has never ceased to make life difficult in the world of hunting. After relentlessly ruining the lives of traditional hunters, the organization is now increasing its anti-hunting communication operations and is even attempting legal action against the hunting world. The latest dates back to the beginning of last year when the national federation of hunters distributed a brochure to the elected representatives of the republic recalling the action of hunters in favor of nature and entitled “Hunting, heart of biodiversity”. The LPO had then taken the FNC to court for “parasitism and counterfeiting” and claimed no less than 960,000 euros! Fortunately, the magistrates who tried the case had restored the truth and cleared the hunters, even condemning the LPO to pay 7,000 euros, in legal costs, to the FNC.

The signing of this agreement between Mrs. Delga and the LPO Occitanie and especially the significant financial windfall that is correlated can therefore be legitimately taken for a provocation against hunters. Funding an organization, one of whose main activities is to defame the world of hunting, in this region where nemrods represent a significant share of the votes, is perhaps not a brilliant idea and hunters will have to remember during the next elections

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