In Plougastel-Daoulas, Sophie Barré mobilizes for the galgos – Brest

Galgos are Spanish Greyhounds. Like the podencos, which are so-called warren dogs, they are used in Spain for hunting, mainly hare in the open, but also rabbits, foxes and even wild boars. The hunters who use it are called galgueros. The problem is that, if a dog hunts badly, his galguero must clear his honor according to an ancestral tradition that continues. All means are good because, he thinks, the more the dog suffers, the better the next one will be. And the dogs then endure martyrdom: hanged, burned with acid, mutilated, dragged behind cars, mutilated, stabbed.

50,000 greyhounds martyred or killed in Spain

The Spanish government turns a blind eye. And even if mentalities are changing, and some hunters are starting to simply bring dogs back to shelters, estimates are that 50,000 greyhounds are martyred or massacred in the name of custom in Spain each year.

Plougastellen Sophie Barré discovered their fate while keeping a friend’s dog, a “galga” (galgo female), who had been rescued and adopted. Touched both by the gentle character of the breed and by the fate that is too often reserved for it, she decided to adopt one and went around the associations. She discovered the “Help group for obnoxiously sacrificed galgo greyhounds”, the GALGOS association

A haven for abused animals

Sophie Barré welcomed “Le grand Mendès” with a gentle gaze, who enlarged the already existing family made up of a cat found in a trash can, a mare saved from the butcher’s shop or even Snowy, also recovered. But, above all, she decided to engage beyond, actively, in the association and to raise awareness of the tragic fate of these animals. Every year, GALGOS organizes a convoy of kibbles and medicines to about twenty Spanish shelters that collect martyred dogs. In 2021, 60 tons of equipment and food were thus distributed.

A two-day collection

It is for this purpose and thanks to Michel Le Bourhis, from the Super U of Plougastel, that Sophie is organizing a large collection of croquettes, this Friday and this Saturday, in the shopping mall of the store. A collection whose fruit will not only go to Spain this year: part of the donations will go to Ukraine to help the shelters there.


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