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In Pokémon Purple and Scarlet, your legendary creature will also be… a scooter

Pokémon Company promises a real open world with Pokémon Purple and Scarlet. We will move there thanks to his legendary Pokémon, which can therefore become a means of transport.

Expected for November 18 exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Purple and Scarlet should offer a real open-world adventure – which will be a little closer to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This non-linear structure imposes rapid means of transport to get from one place to another more easily. And, in this future Pokémon generation, the developers have opted for an idea that we will call absurd.

On the occasion of the Pokémon Presents broadcast on August 3, Pokémon Company provided some additional details on Pokemon Purple and Scarlet. The trailer notably showed several ways to move around the map. They will actually be linked to a legendary Pokémon, which can transform into various and varied vehicles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet // Source: YouTube screenshot

“Live the adventure on the back of legendary Pokémon”

Thanks to the trailer, we got to know Koraidon and Miraidon, respectively linked to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple. One of them will become your traveling companion during the adventure. More concretely, it will literally serve you as an ultra versatile mount, since it can really move everywhere. ” Your partner can change shape according to your needs “, can we read.

With Koraidon and Miraidon, it will be possible to :

  • Spin across the plains » (scooter conversion);
  • Navigate the waves » (boat transformation);
  • Hover in the air » (aircraft transformation).

They will even be able to climb mountains, judging by the images shown.

It’s a small paradigm shift in the history of the Pokémon saga, in that legendary creatures have often been seen as a culmination — less as a way to facilitate exploration. This modification goes hand in hand with the evolution of Pokemon Purple and Scarlet – knowing that Pokemon Legends: Arceus already made it possible to ride mounts to wander around the region.

For further

Source: Numerama screenshot

The fact that legendary Pokémon are relegated to the rank of companions of adventure also accompanies the true goal of the game – which will be to find its own treasure. This objective is still very mysterious, but seems much more personal than before.

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