In Quimper, the former owner of the dogs who had bitten a passer-by 60 times again condemned – Quimper

His two dogs had bitten a 28-year-old Quimpérois 60 times in October 2021, causing him to lose an ear. The 43-year-old ex-owner had been given a fifteen-month suspended prison sentence in May for these acts of involuntary injury and had been given a ban on keeping an animal for the next five years. On Friday, she was again tried for having, on June 26, been apprehended by the police while she was holding an American staff on a leash. “While my friend was shopping, I held his leash for ten minutes. I have done a service, ”pleads the defendant at the bar. President Virginie Benech replies: “It is not a dachshund, however, it is an attack dog”.

“I thought that forbidding me the possession of an animal, it did not prevent me from keeping it on a leash”, pleads the defendant. “You didn’t know the animal. If he started running, you might not know how to hold him back, ”recalls the president of the court.

“A Stupid Theft”

The sulphurous story of this forties does not stop there. On July 27, she was arrested drunk in the company of a 32-year-old woman. The pair then tried to flee by hitchhiking after having stolen a television set worth €1,200 from a shopkeeper in the Gourvily area. “A stupid theft” in the words of the 43-year-old ex-owner of the two dogs, who currently lives in a camp.

If the public ministry requires for its accomplice four months of suspended prison sentence, it pleads the severity concerning the first defendant: “It is a public danger for the city of Quimper”, estimates Jean-Baptiste Doubli. A heavy sentence of one year in prison with a committal warrant accompanied by a ban on presence in the town of Quimper for three years is required.

“What is detention? »

“I plead for release,” immediately announces Me Vincent Lauret, who defends the 43-year-old woman. “Only the fact of having the dog of a third party seems to justify the sentence required. But what does holding mean? According to the dictionary, it is possession. Which is not his case”. “Bringing narcotics from point A to point B without being the owners does not deprive of a conviction for detention”, schematizes the prosecutor.

To this legal question, the court replied that “the effective maintenance of an animal is detention” and sentenced the ex-owner to four months in prison with a probation period of 24 months. He is also forbidden to appear in certain sectors of Quimper. His accomplice in the larceny, who intends to start a rehab for his alcohol problems in September, receives 70 hours of community service.

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