In Réguiny, the Jo et Carmen restaurant will reopen!

The contact between the old and the new owners has “matched” ©Gilles QUEFFELEC

What good news on the front of the local economy and the local commerce. Closed since October 2020, the famous Restaurant Jo and Carmen located in the municipality of Reguiny, will reopen in just over a month! Headed by a thirty-year-old couple who have every intention of continuing the work of Nathalie and Gilles Feurmour, the former owners.

For early August

Everyone necessarily said to themselves when this institution closed in October 2020, that we would never set foot there again. No more breakfast in the morning, noon working meals, afternoon belote, evening aperitif. Everyone except Gilles and Nathalie Feurmour who were convinced of find a buyer.

A year and a half later, through a common acquaintance, they ended up finding those who seem able to continue the adventure. Like a third generation after Gilles’ parents, Jo and Carmen, who are now deceased.

Pierre-Elie Brision and Marine François are those. She is a native of Lille, up there. Him from Aix-en-Provence, down below. And for the past ten years, they have been scouring the restaurants by performing the seasons. Winter in Courchevel; summer in Bonifacio.

“We said to ourselves that it was now time to find a business for us. Our parents being now settled in the region, we naturally looked in the area. Because we really liked the place”

Pierre-Elie and Marine, the new owners of the restaurant.

A copy-paste

What then of the first contacts between the two parties. “It was last February and between us, it matched right away”, loose Gilles Feurmour who made it a point of honor to find the “good buyers”. Those that most resemble the brand of a house with a regional reputation.

Certainly because Pierre-Elie and Marine want to soak up everything that has made this place so popular.

No way for them to turn everything upside down, quite the contrary. “We’re going a bit refresh the establishment but for the rest, we are not going to change much”. We should even find the famous seafood platters of the weekend which was one of the strengths of the place. The worker meals lunch, banquets for major events, the bar for moments of complicity…

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Like a restaurant that will keep its original name.

In a month, this regional institution will come back to life!
In a month, this regional institution will come back to life! ©Gilles QUEFFELEC

The hotel too but later

He will be in the kitchen; she in the dining room and they will be assisted by four employees. Two of them are also back home: the two cooks, Cédric and Clément.

Later, the childless couple, who decided to live there, will also reopen the hotel with its twenty rooms to be brought up to standard.

But in the meantime, Pierre-Elie and Marine have asked their respective parents to give them a little help to prepare the establishment as well as possible. So that, at the beginning of August (ND: the precise date of the opening has not yet been decided), life resumes at Jo and Carmen.

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