In Rouen, he is stripped of his phone and bitten by his thief’s dog

A municipal agent had his mobile phone stolen in Rouen in the early evening of Monday August 22. The thief’s dog also bit him. The suspect was arrested.

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In the early evening of Monday August 22, 2022, a Rouen town hall officer was attacked and robbed of his mobile phone by a man and his dog.

Around 7:15 p.m., the 32-year-old employee was in the Place de la Halle aux Toiles when he was approached by a 46-year-old man, accompanied by a dog, who asked him to lend him his mobile phone, because he had just had his stolen.

bleeding wound in the forearm

Faced with the refusal of the agent, the 40-year-old snatched the phone from his hands and ran away. The dog also bit him on the right forearm, leaving him with a bleeding wound.

The victim was able to call the police from a nearby store. Provided with the description of the respondent, the anti-crime brigade found him and checked him shortly afterwards. Drunk, this homeless man was in possession of the stolen phone.

He was placed in sobering-up custody, his dog at the animal pound and the victim brought to the CHU.

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