In Saint-Affrique, a new brand of homemade burgers with local products has emerged

Matthieu Blanc opened La Fabrick in May, he offers burgers to take away.

From the burger bread, the “bun”, to the sauces, at La Fabrick, everything is homemade. Behind the stoves, there is Matthieu Blanc, cook by profession. This native of Vaucluse arrived in Saint-Affrique at the beginning of winter after having run a restaurant at the top of Mont Ventoux for ten years.

“I like the region, Saint-Affrique is a young town, with a lot of high school students and the rents are decent.” But what especially made the chef want to set up his business in La Vilotte were the products. “I try to work as much as possible with the local sector, here there is a very wide choice, there is everything: beef, lamb, duck… It’s varied and of good quality, it’s nice to work with.”

Work with local producers

La Fabrick is located on Boulevard Victor Hugo, in place of the former Producers of Flavors store. “It’s a good location, on the market street, there wasn’t too much work to do.” After a month of development, Matthieu opened on May 8th. À la carte: several burgers that change regularly, depending on the seasons, products and the mood of the chef.

Everything is homemade, right down to the breads that the cook prepares every day. “I make them organic with flour from the Bousquet farm, I get the meat from the Ambias farm and the Viala charcuterie, I buy the vegetables on the market, I use fresh tomme as cheese and all the sauces are homemade.” The restaurateur favors short circuits. Some of the drinks are also local: beers and sodas come from the Brasserie la Peyrelade in Boyne.

Word of mouth quickly spread and in just one month of opening, La Fabrick already has regular customers. “I’ve only had good feedback, people come to taste it and then they come back, rejoices the restorer. Customers want to eat local, they are close to their land, even young people.”

Work alone

Matthieu Blanc only offers take-out. After ten years of managing a team of ten employees, preparing up to 200 covers a day, he prefers to work alone. “It’s a return to calm, there is less mass tourism here.” He would like to offer dishes from the world cuisine, to make desserts, but for the moment, he is trying to find his rhythm. “By wanting to do too much, you don’t do things well. I prefer to focus for the moment on burgers.”

His current challenge is bread. “This is what takes me the longest, it changes depending on the heat, the humidity, the flour, explains the cook. They never have the same face but they are always beautiful.” He would like to make a laboratory at the back to have a space dedicated to the manufacture of “buns” but before investing, he wants to know if the customers will respond.

“I’m waiting to see if it works well, if it’s not just the novelty effect, if it’s not going to fall back.” While waiting to offer dishes from around the world, Matthieu puts spices in his sauces and his customers don’t seem to mind.

Burgers with all the sauces

At the moment, six burgers are offered to customers. “It’s wild garlic season so I made a burger with wild garlic sauce, explains Matthieu Blanc. This weekend, I tried sheep steaks, it is good.

The menu changes according to the moods of the chef and the products he discovers. “I have a Provençal burger, from home, with candied tomatoes and tapenade.” The products come from the short circuit, the restaurateur is supplied in particular at the Chez les pays store, located opposite his establishment.

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