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In the Gard, a postman saves a dog hanging from a tree in extremis

Life sometimes depends on little. To the distribution of a simple letter for example. Demonstration in the Gard where a dog on the verge of asphyxiation was saved in extremis by a postman.

Photo: Sylv1 Rob1 / Shutterstock

It happened in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Thursday August 11, around noon. While delivering the mail on the occasion of his daily bike tour, Gaëtan Planelles, temporary postman, was alerted by the barking of a dog visibly in very bad shape. the Free lunch recounts the scene:

“The dog, named Vicky, runs and jumps from side to side of the garden until he clings with his collar to the branch of a tree. Suspended, the animal is stuck and has difficulty breathing. He is in danger of choking.”

Immediately, Gaëtan Planelles warns the owner of Vicky but this one, panicked, does not manage to free her dog. The postman, despite his fear of dogs, then decides to take action.

“I took my courage in both hands, I entered the garden and I helped the animal. The lady gave me a saw and I directly cut down the small tree that had the dog stuck. He couldn’t breathe and was choking, it was the only solution”.

Thanks to the postman’s vigilance and good reflexes, Vicky was saved.

“It’s a great story, I’m happy for the lady because her dog is healthy.”

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