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In the Hérault, mysterious series of disappearances of cats

Vent of psychosis in Hérault owners of cats. For several months, a malevolent individual has been raging in the department, kidnapping the cats, freeing them mutilated or never releasing them. Since the beginning of the year, more than a hundred cats have disappeared between Gignac and Pézenas, reports The Parisian. Other felines returned home, but with traces of torture. A resident of Plaissan testified to the Parisian explaining that his cat came home with “cauda equina syndrome which disconnects the animal’s nervous system”. He had to have him euthanized by a veterinarian.

“In Clermont-l’Hérault, at least eight cats have disappeared… People speak, without proof, of trafficking for laboratories in Spain. I am terrified, ”says a member of the Les Chats du Clermontais association.

“There must be an organization behind all this”

Faced with the resurgence of cases, cat owners are worried and hope that the police will help them. “More than a hundred cats don’t just disappear. […] Given the scale of the phenomenon, there is necessarily an organization behind all this, ”says Annie Benezech, director of the SPA refuge in Montpellier.

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A file was compiled with various testimonies and sent to the prosecution. Annie Benezech even plans to file a civil action. According The Parisian, she hopes for the opening of a judicial inquiry for animal trafficking. A.s.a.p.

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